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2 Brothers both IGS 1895 to KRRC 1 KIA Waggon Hill


An unusual pair of two identical IGS 1895 Medals for Relief of Chitral to the Penny Brothers who served side by side in India, one was Killed in Action at Wagon Hill on 6th January 1900.

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India General Service Medal 1895, VR, bar Relief of Chitral, 5362 Pte E. Penney, 1st Battalion King’s Royal Rifles Corps


Pte Penney was killed in action during the Boer War on 6th January 1900 at Wagon Hill whilst serving in the Defence of Ladysmith during the siege.


An excellent and comprehensive account of this battle was written up on Chrisash.co.za and can be read by clicking here


In the early hours of 6th January 1900, Boer Storming parties under General CJ de Villiers began climbing Wagon Hill and Caesar’s Camp. They were spotted and engaged by British working parties who were placing some guns.
The Boers captured the edge of both features, but could not advanced further, British counter attacks also failed.
At noon, de Villiers made another attack on Wagon Hill. Some exhausted defenders panicked and fled, but Hamilton led reserves to the spot and recaptures some empty gun pits. Late in the afternoon a terrific rainstorm broke out and the Boers withdrew under the cover of it.


In this extensive action the British were successful in repelling the Boer Attack, at a heavy cost to both sides.
The British suffered 175 killed with 249 wounded. 52 Dead Boers were left in the British positions, but total casualties were not recorded.


For his Boer War service he was issued posthumously the QSA with 2 bars for Talana and Defence of Ladysmith.


India General Service Medal 1895, VR, bar Relief of Chitral, 2200 Pte N. Penney, 1st Battalion King’s Royal Rifles Corps, later Bandsman in the Royal Navy.


Norman Penney born on 15th February 1864 in St Pauls Landsfort, Portsmouth.


Enlisted on 17th November 1877 with 1st Battalion K.R.R.C., having previously been a Musician aged only 14.
Served at home, 17th November 1877 – 24th Nov 1890
India, 25th Nov 1890 – 25th May 1897
Discharged in India and invalided home after 19 years 190 days service.


Campaigns, Isazai Expedition 1892 and Chitral Relief Force 1895.


“Owing the the fact that he is a married man. He is now debilitated and wasted, unfit for prolonged exertion, and there is chronic splenic enlargement. Disease is the result of climate, not of Military service or of epidemic or endemic causes and has not been aggravated by intemperance or other vice or by misconduct.


Having been invalided from the Army he actually instead joined the Royal Navy, becoming 356130 Bandsman Norman Penney, at HMS Royal Arthur on 17th November 1897.


He served until 27th June 1901 when he was Shore paid off.


In 1911 he worked as a Machinist at the Royal Small Arms Factory.