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Army LSGC 29th Regt 1846

Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, VR, Quartermaster Serjeant J. Turner, 29th Regiment of Foot, 1846. With service papers, served 9 years at the Military Prison.

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Origin: United Kingdom
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Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, VR, Quartermaster Serjeant J. Turner, 29th Regiment of Foot, 1846.


‘Large Letter’ reverse with original iron clip and flat bar suspension, officially imressed: “J. Turner. Qr Mr Serjeant 29th Regiment Foot 1846”


Joseph Turner was born in Marybourough, Queens during 1804, he attested for service with the 29th Regiment on 16th November 1822.


He served for 22 years and 281 days, with 11 1/2 years spent overseas in Mauritius and 3 in the East Indies. Being discharged on 23rd June 1846.


He was promoted to Corporal on 1st July 1929, then Sergeant on 21st December 1831 and Quartermaster Sergeant on 10th November 1840.


His papers read “His service of 9 years in the Military Prison might entitle him to 2/3, if the Secretary of State for War should consider him to have a claim.”


A note afterwards records on 10th February 1857, his pension was increased form 2/ to 2/3.


Upon his discharge he was presented with a Silver Vase by the regiment recorded in the West Kent Guardian and numerous other newspapers on 5th December 1846:


“PRESENTATION OF A SILVER VASE – A splendid silver vase, weighing 36 ounces, richly embossed in frosted silver, and capable of holding two quarts, was purchased by subscription, raised by the sergeants of the 29th Regiment of Foot, now stationed in Kussoulie, in the presidency of Bengal, to be presented as a token of their regard to Quartermaster Sergeant Joseph Turner, who has recently returned to their garrison, and discharged on a service pension.
The money for the purchase of this token was sent from India to the depot at Chatham; and the vase, which is most superb, was manufactured by Messrs Green and Co., of Cockspur-street, London.


One one side is the arms of the county of Worcestershire – the county where the regiment was raised – and surrounded with the names of the different actions the regiment has been in; namely Roleia, Vimiera, Talavera, Albuhera, Peninsular, Forezeshah and Sobraon, and the other side is engraved with the following inscription: “Presented by the sergeants of her Majesty’s 29th Foot to their late Quartermaster-Sergeant Joseph Turner, as a token of their regard and esteem on his being discharged from the regiment, after a period of twenty-three years service.
The vase was forwarded on Wednesday evening from Chatham garrison to Stafford, where Turner now resides. The vase cost upwards of 20l., and was much admired by several of the principal officers of the garrison”