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Boer War 1915 Trio TFEM Sjt Drmr The Buffs

QSA, 5 bars, KSA, 2 bars, 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medal, T.F.E.M., GV, with 2nd award bar, Sergeant Drummer H. J. Tripp, East Kent Regiment. MID Aden Field Force 1916.

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Queen’s South Africa Medal, 5 bars, Tugela heights, Orange Free State, Relief of Ladysmith, Transvaal, Laing’s Nek, King’s South Africa Medal, 2 bars, SA 1901, SA 1902, 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medal, Territorial Force Efficiency Medal, GV, with 2nd award bar, Sergeant Drummer H. J. Tripp, East Kent Regiment.


A most interesting, unusual and very long serving musician grouping who served until he reached the age limit during 1931 at the age of 46.
As a member of the 1st/4th Battalion East Kent Regiment, the Buffs, he had the unusual distinction of being the only British Infantry Regiment as part of the Moveable Column, Aden Field Force, being engaged at Hatum on 12th January 1916 against the Turkish forces.


An interesting article on the Aden campaign of 1916 and the involvement of the Malay States Guides can be found on Kaiserscross.com, Click here for a link to the article on Aden and the Malay States Guides


QSA officially impressed: “4176 Pte J. Tripp, 2nd E. Surrey. Regt.” Slight transposition of initials which matches his original service when he signed up with the East Surreys as “John Henry”
KSA officially impressed: “4176 Dmr: J. H. Tripp. E. Surrey Regt.”
1914-15 Star officially impressed: 585 Sjt Dmr H. J. Tripp. E. Kent R.”
BWM and Victory officially impressed: “585 Sjt H. J. Tripp. E. Kent R.”
T.F.E.M. officially impressed: “200040 Sjt Dmr: H. J. Tripp. 4/E. Kent R.” awarded the long service clasp as 6280432 Drum major of 4th Bn the Buffs, Army Orders, August 1931.


Mentioned in Despatches for First War service in India, Gazette of India, Extraordinary, June 3rd 1918, “For valuable services rendered in India in connection with the war up to 4th August 1917.”


Comprehensively researched, with a well kept and detailed folder of full service papers and Birth, census and genealogical research, also 2 original post cards sent home during 1915.


Henry John Tripp was born in St Olave, Bermondsey, London during late 1875.
He firs attested for service under the name “John Henry Tripp” at the age of 18 on 29th May 1893 with the East Surrey Regiment.


His service with the East Surreys:


Home, 29th May 1893 – 12th September 1893
Malta, 13th September 1893 – 28th October 1895
Home, 29th October 1895 – 19th October 1899
South Africa, 20th October 1899 – 13th September 1902.
Home from 14th September 1902, Army Reserve from 24th February 1903 until 28th May 1905.


After returning home from the Boer War he got married to Annie Elizabeth Welland on 11th October 1902.


Not satisfied with his 12 years term of service, he re enlisted now with the East Kent Regiment, the Buffs on 26th November 1908.


During the War, he embarked for overseas service with the 1st 4th Battalion East Kents, arriving in Bombay after a month long journey from Southampton on 2nd December 1914.
They later served in Aden from 5th August 1915 until 29th January 1916, followed by returning to Bombay on 5th February 1916.


He saw the following service since rejoining in 1908:


Home, 26th November 1908 – 28th October 1914
India – 29th October 1914 – 4th August 1915
Aden Field Force – 5th August 1915 – 4th February 1916
India – 5th February 1916 – 2nd March 1919
Home from 24th March and discharged on 27th March 1919 at Crystal Palace.


He once again attested for service on 6th September 1920 rejoining the 4th Battalion The Buffs, and served an extra 10 years until his discharge on 31st August 1931, having reached the age limit of 46.