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BWM Delhi Durbar MSM RA


WW1 BWM, MSM GV, Delhi Durbar 1911, Warrant Officer Frank Standen, Royal Artillery, Boer War Veteran of Talana, Defence of Ladysmith, represented 93rd Bty at the Delhi Durbar in 1911

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Origin: United Kingdom
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British War Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Delhi Durbar 1911, Warrant Officer Frank Standen, Royal Artillery.


11353 Warrant Officer and Farrier Quarter Master Sergeant Frank Standen, was a long serving NCO of the Royal Artillery.


Shown on the Delhi Durbar Medal roll as the only English representative of 93rd Battery Royal Field Artillery at the Delhi Durbar in 1911, along side him was Naik Fazal Khan of his Battery.


As a Sergeant Farrier during the Boer War with 13th Battery R.F.A., he earned the Queen’s South Africa medal with bars for Orange Free State, Transvaal, Talana, Defence of Ladysmith and Laing’s Nek.


Only entitled to the BWM for WW1 Service in India.


Frank Standen, was born during 1876 in Benenden, Kent. At 19 he attested for service with the Royal Artillery on 25th September 1895, having been a civilian Shoeing Smith


Home, 25th Sept 1895 – 14th May 1897
South Africa, 15th May 1897 – 4th Jan 1901
Home, 5th Jan 1901 – 30th Oct 1908
South Africa, 31st Oct 1908 – 8th Nov 1910
India, 9th Nov 1910 – 21st Sept 1917.


Injuries during service show a “Wound of Thumb, 11th May 1899, whilst on Duty” in South Africa at Ladysmith.


Already by 24th September 1896, he likely easily passed his course to become a Shoeing Smith, shortly afterwards he chose to extend his terms of service from 5 to 12 years with the Colours on 31st oct 1896.


he was posted to 13th Battery on 1st May 1897 as Shoeing Smith and served with them through the start of the Boer War when he was Corporal Shoeing SMith from 11th February 1899.
Promoted to Sergeant Farrier, 23rd Jan 1900 and posted to 93rd Battery.
Promoted to Staff Sergt Farrier, 23rd Jan 1903.
On 13th July 1904, passed his Superior Shoeing Smith course.


Eager for further service he again extended his service on 28th Sept 1906 to complete 21 years.


Promoted to Farrier Quarter Master Sergeant on 1st August 1907.


He then was posted to India remaining there throughout WW1.


Posted to 60th Bty RGA in India as Acting Quarter Master Sergeant 6th Oct 1914.


By 1918 he had finished his 21 years, but refused to retire, he continued his service and chose to draw his pension whilst serving of 34d a day on 14th Oct 1918.


Received his final discharge on 9th September 191, having completed 24 years 350 days service.