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Cadet Forces Medal Flying Officer RAFVR


Cadet Forces Medal, EIIR, Flying Officer Harold Frederick Shear, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Training Branch. With Photo, long serving RAFVR Officer former Sergeant in the RAF.

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Origin: United Kingdom
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Cadet Forces Medal, EIIR, Flying Officer Harold Frederick Shear, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Training Branch.


As a member of the RAFVR(T), instead of being part of the Air Training Corps known as the “Air Cadets” he would served part time with the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, this would mean operating part time with the Air Experience Flights and Volunteer Gliding Squadrons, who provide flight experience to the Royal Air Force Air Cadets.


Bristol Evening Post, 1st October 1973, with Photograph, when awarded the Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate for Long Service to the Cadets.




Flight Lieut Ernest Liner has received an award for 20 years service to the Air Training Corps, He was also presented with a Lord Lieutenant Certificate for Loyal Service to the Corps on Saturday… Lord Lieutenant Certificates, for service of 6 years or more, went to… Flight Lieut Harold Shear, Sherborne.”


Flying Officer Shears, was a Londoner, born in Pimlico during 1913, the son of Harry Hawkins Shear and Lillian, being raised in Battersea.


London Gazette, 2nd June 1964, reports his Commission into the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Training Branch, As a Pilot Officer for 4 years: “Harold Frederick Shear 525239, 14th Apr 1964.”


London Gazette, 14th June 1966, notes his Promotion from Pilot Officer to Flying Officer.


London Gazette, 11th April 1968, notes that he extended his commission another 4 years.


London Gazette, 25th April 1972, notes that he once again added another 4 years to his commission.


London Gazette, 20th April 1976, notes that he relinquished his commission as a Flying Officer, retaining the rank of Flight Lieutenant on 14th April 1976.


Married Joan Elsie Jenkin during June 1947 in Yeovil, Somerset and they had 3 Children.


He died in Devon during 1997.


It would seem that he saw service in the RAF during WW2, but not as an officer, he had an interest in Model Planes and sent a letter during the war, published in October 1944 issue of Aeromodeller, where he notes that he had just spent a year in Canada, likely for training.


This is further notes in the Air Pictorial and Air Reserve Gazette during 1955:


‘WANTED – Post Card size photos of pre-1952 aircraft to add to my existing collection, also The Aeroplane 13.8.54 – H.F. Shear, Sergeants Mess, Royal Air Force, Gaydon, Leamington Spa.


“Dear Sir, I recently returned to Scotland after a year in Canada, during which time, abetted by the Contemporary American Model Magazines, I became re-imbued with a desire to construct models. I am essentially a solid fan, having a driving urge for detail.
Returning to this country, I continued to pursue this new pastime, and now, but not without some difficulty, I have organised regular delivery of your magazine.
To get to the point. Templates are necessary in order to make a good solid. Since, however, the average modeller does not intend mass producing a single type, the trouble taken in making the templates is largely wasted. I am surprised, therefore, that enterprising model dealers do not market sets of templates, or that makers of kits do not include them. I happen to know that such sets of templates are marketed in America.


Morayshire, H.F. Shear”