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CGS Medal Red River 1870 Ontario Regiment

Canada General Service Medal, bar Red River 1870, Private Arnoldi Cronk Dorland, 1st Ontario Battalion of Rifles. A local from Hillier, Prince Edward, Ontario. With great photos of recipient, flew aged 80 over where he marched in 1870.

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Canada General Service Medal, bar Red River 1870, Private Arnoldi Cronk Dorland, 1st Ontario Battalion of Rifles.


Officially impressed: “Pte A. C. Dorland. Ont. R.”


The Ontario Regiment during this expedition consisted of 28 Officers and 350 Other ranks, the entire force who were entitled to a medal, consisted of in total, 105 Officers and 1109 Other Ranks.


Although out of 1214 possible medals, only 502 were issued, 355 of which with the single bar.


Only 122 Red River Clasps were awarded to the Ontario Regiment.


Arnoldi Cronk Dorland was born during 12th July 1851 in Hillier, Prince Edward, Ontario, Canada.


The son of Allen Moore Dorland and Patty G Cronk, a farmer in Hillier Township, Prince Edward County, Ontario. He was named after his grandfather Arnoldi Dorland (1796-1854)


The Dorland Family had first ventured to Canada following the American Revolutionary War, as the Dorlands were Loyalists to Britain, choosing to instead move to the still British, Canada.


The Dorlands, including Arnoldi were also steadfast Quakers. He was a member of the West Lake Orthodox Quakers, whom at one point filed a few complaints at young Arnoldi for “Keeping Tavern”. At the time of the expedition he had been working as a Farmer with his father,and now aged 20, he was keen for some adventure when the opportunity arose to join Colonel Wolseley on his grand expedition to Winnipeg.


In 1908, when beloved Major Stewart Mulvey died in Winnipeg, it was one of the largest funerals the city had ever seen, with 1000s of the city’s “Orangemen” being present. Dorland was present as a member of the old veterans of Red River to stand guard as the casket was carried to the hearse.


“After the service the casket was carried to the hearse, through a bare-headed line of old soldiers, who had taken part in the Red River Campaign. Col Thomas Scott, Judge Walker, Col Irvine, R.W.E. Rolph, James Thompson, D. Maddigan, George Rolph, R.I. Jones, E. Doidge, David Huston, Teo Fulthorp, A.C. Dorland and George Black were among those present.”


He was getting older when Aeroplanes were invented, but always had a keen interest in flying, when the opportunity arose again, at the ripe age of 80 by 1930, this old veteran took up an offer to go in a plane and fly over the to see the land that he had trodden through all those years ago.


He later died on 17th May 1935 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.