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Distinguished Service Cross 1945

Distinguished Service Cross, D.S.C., GVI, dated 1945 on reverse, in fitted case of issue, Attributed via Naval Identity Card to John Carmel Bagnall, Sub Lieut, R.N.V.R.

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Origin: United Kingdom
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Distinguished Service Cross, D.S.C., GVI, dated 1945 on reverse, in fitted case of issue by Garrard, medal as issued on silk ribbon and wearing pin.


With recipient’s original Naval Identity Card with photograph and Bullion Officer’s RNR cap badge.


Temporary Sub Lieutenant John Carmel Vincent Bagnall, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.


Born in Manchester during 1922, he was issued his ID Card at Messina on 17th November 1943 with H.M. Landing Craft Flak 4 upon being commissioned having been a Leading Seaman.


Awarded his D.S.C. when only a Temporary Sub Lieutenant, announced in the London Gazette on 14th June 1945 for service with H.M. L.C.F. 4.


His war service is recounted roughly in his own words as:


“1942 – Leading Seaman on HMS Penn (a Destroyer) 1/C Magazine Supply to X Gun.
Convoy to Malta, under continuous attack. About 200 meters from Malta ‘Ohio’ oil tanker was bombed and left rudderless. Penn and Ledbury (Destroyer) secured alongside either side of Ohio and powered her to Malta. Penn on Starboard, Ledbury on Port.


October – Commissioned as Sub Lt. Joined L.C.T. under Bernard Johnson in early 1943. Joined LCF4 at Southampton under Norman Wooderson’s Command.
March – Falmouth for Degaussing. April – To Malta via Gibraltar, Oran, Algiers, Djedjelli, Sousse, Sfaz, Tripoli – Where rendezvous before arriving in Malta. Then to Avola (Siciliy/East Coast).
Then three months guardship duties round S.E. coast of Sicily. Early September 4th/5th To Messina (North East Sicily) for Landings at Reggio (Italy), back to Messina (base for Lic) for a briefing for landings at Vib Valencia (7th). 25% casualties including Wooderson who remained in command.
Back to Messina to land casualties, back to Malta for repairs (2 months). Then to Bari Harbour, was full of supply ships which were bombed on 30th December while LCF 4 was on Guardship Duties.


1944 – Back to Messina. January 22nd – To Anzio (via Naples for supplies) Landing. March – Back to Messina where N. Wooderson went into Hospital with T.B.
April – Went into hospital with Pleurisy for ten days then to Taormina and also Sicily for three weeks convalesce.
May – In command of LCF4 to Malta for replacement of Pom-Poms with Beaufours. New C/O (N. Rutherford) appointed.
June/July – Back to Messina. Then Naples for invasion of Elba, then back to Messina.
August – To south of France for the invasion of Saint Tropez.
September – Given command of LCF16 for St Stefano Landing and Livorno (Leg-Horn). Guardship, support for convoys etc.
Back to Messina. Took Command of LCF4.
September-October To Vis en route to proposed landing at the split. Landing aborted because only one LC rendezvoused at Vis and that was bombed. When that happened, the LC1 Broached – to on to LCF and holed it, so it was rendered inoperable. Waited for 1-2 weeks before TUG (C/O Pardoe – Matthews) reached Vis and towed LCF4 back to Taranto, via Barletta – Brindisi (Pardoe – Matthews Base), for repairs three weeks leave. Visited Rome.
May 1945 – Surrender of Axis.
June / July – LCF4 paid off. Laid up in Augusta (Siciliy). Drafted to LST on passage to UK (Plymouth) Leave to Greenock for customs check.
October – Posted to LCT MK8 Edinburgh (Leith)