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Double IGS Indian Navy Lieut Wounded Persia

IGS 1854, bar Pegu, another for Persia, to Lt W.H.J. Harries, Indian Navy, IMS Moozuffer, including when she sank and the Semiramis, wounded at Bombardment of Mohamra. Good Boat Service.

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India General Service Medal 1854, VR, bar Pegu, the exact same but with bar for Persia, to Lieut W.H.J. Harries, Indian Navy, on the Moozuffer, including when she sank and the Semiramis, wounded at Bombardment of Mohamra. Good Boat Service.


There is so much more to this humble pair than meets the eye, as a young midshipman of the Moozuffer, not only did he take part in the operations in Rangoon, but he and his fellow officer, Senior Mate E. Brazier, were sent on attachment to the Medusa, where they together, commanded a small detachment from the Medusa’s Cutter on a bit of Boat Service, as they followed the enterprising Captain Loch, on an invasion, 82 seamen on an incursion into enemy territory, on 9th November, where Loch later recalls after taking on up to 400 of the enemy.


“The gallant bearing and good conduct of all Officers and Men engaged. When they landed they saw the difficulty and apparent danger of the pass, and they knew the superiority in numbers of the enemy; they had no reason to contemplate so easy a victory; yet they formed with the steadiness of old soldiers and with the cheerful alacrity which always distinguished British seamen and Marines.”


He would also, being the only Officer from the Medusa, landed with her cutter for an attack at Prome the force present reads: “Medusa’s Cutter, Mr Harries, Midshipman, 10 men, 6 Artillery men.”


He was also wounded in Persia, by a lacerated wound to the thigh:


“The Persian Army, thus beaten and dispersed with a loss, according to their own confession, of 3000 killed, including their gallant leader Agha Jhan Khan, General of Division…
The British loss was only 10 killed and 30 wounded, of whom, only one, Lieutenant Harries, of the Semiramis, was an Officer.”


“The Semiramis at this time had steamed into the Huffer Canal to silence a battery which still fired with one gun, and suffered some loss as this was effected.
A few devoted men still kept up a fire of musketry, but were eventually dislodged by storming parties…
The total loss was 5 killed an 18 (including 1 Officers, Lieutenant Harries) being wounded. The Loss inflicted on the enemy was severe, both in men and materiel of war, but this is as nothing to the effect on the morale of their force. How totally it was disorganised was signally shown at Ahwaz, For this was a defeat which even Persian ingenuity could not torture into a victory.”


An attractive and very rare Double Issue of the early I.G.S. Medal, for two excellent campaigns.


The Pegu, officially impressed as issued: W.H.J. HARRIES. MIDn “MOOZUFFER” On this ship for gallant service at Pegu, and on her as she sank in quicksand off Rangoon in 1853.


The Persia, officially impressed as issued: W.H.J. HARRIES, ACT LIEUt SEMIRAMIS S.F.”


Only officer casualty sustained in the Bombardment of Mohumra/Mohamra in Perisa, “A lacerated wound in the thigh”.
As the Semiramis: “Steamed into the Huffer Canal to silence a battery which still fired with one gun, and suffered some loss during this.”


Some minor edge bruising from wear, clearly having been worn together.


A Welshman with many gallant services in the Royal Indian Navy aka Royal Indian Marine. He is well mentioned in the official History of the Indian Navy, not only was he on board the ships for these actions, he was clearly one of those Naval Officer who could handle himself up close, being detached in command of the “Cutter’” Boats,


Rare issues of these clasps to these ships, particularly to an officer, this style of double issue is occasionally seen to the Indian Army and Navy:


204 Clasps for Pegu were issued to Europeans, 147 clasps to the Native Crewmen of the Indian Marine Ship Moozuffer.


109 Clasps for Persia to Europeans and 149 Clasps issued to the Native Crewmen of the Indian Marine Ship Semiramis.


Lieutenant William Hill Joseph Harries, as a Welshman, baptised in St Mary’s Church, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, on 24th May 1831.


At 17 years old, he became Volunteer to the Indian Navy, and was duly sworn in as a Midshipman on 4th October 1848.


He was present on 3 voyages as Midshipman on the Vernon.


He was then assigned to the Indian Marines Ship Moozuffer, Moozuffer means “Victorious”, serving on board during the “Pegu” Campaign as the Army invaded Rangoon in Burma, taking the Pagoda Palace.


The Moozuffer, was a new Steam Frigade launched in 1846, “A fine ship, 256 feet in length, 1440 tons measurement, built at Messrs Fletchers Yard, at Limehouse, launched on the 27th January 1846, in the presence of the Chairman and Court of Directors, who were present afterwards at the customary Lunch.
The Moozuffer had engines of 500 Horsepower, constructed to carry eight heavy guns