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Efficiency Medal Canada RCA


Efficiency Medal, GV, bar Canada, Sergeant John Charles Bromhall, Royal Canadian Artillery. Scarce Canadian issue. Served in the Boer War with the British RFA.

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Origin: United Kingdom
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Efficiency Medal, GV, bar Canada, Sergeant John Charles Bromhall, Royal Canadian Artillery. Scarce Canadian issue. 


Officially impressed: “SGT J.C. BROMHALL R.C.A. (N.P.)”


N.P. stands for Non Permanent, the terminology for the Royal Canadian Artillery’s part time branch.


This medal was instituted in 1930 and the George V variety was only issued for a few years until 1935-6


Sergeant Bromhall had previously served in the First World War with the Canadian Expeditionary Force.


His full army service record for the war can be accessed by clicking the link below. The full PDF can be then loaded by pressing the PDF thumbnail.




John Charles Bromhall was born in Heywood, Manchester, Lancashire, England on 18th April 1877, and grew up in Glossop, Derbyshire. (Although when joining the RCA in 1916 claimed he was born in 1879, probably to keep him under 40 during the war)


He was a Saddler by trade, who by the time of attesting for service with the RCA in WW1 had served:

“43rd Battery I.A. for 3 1/2 years as Bombardier,

9th Battery, 22 Months, Saddler (Discharged).”


His British Army service records (Number 28764) recall his first enlistment into the Royal Artillery as a 19 year old Saddler formerly of the 4th Bn Royal Lancs Regiment Militia during 1898.

He was however found to be medically unfit for further service on 15th December 1900 and was discharged from the 146th bty RFA.


He had served overseas in South Africa during the Boer War from 27th January 1900 until 13th August 1900, until returned home and discharged as unfit.

His service records mention possible entitlement to the QSA however we cannot find him on the medal issue rolls, his Medals and decorations section simply stating: “Boer War 99 ‘ 00”


He married in 1902 to Sarah, then moved to Canada soon afterwards with his wife setting sail from Liverpool for Quebec on the SS Tunisian on 29th October 1903.


At the time of Enlistment he was living in Toronto.


He saw the following war service:

1 Month, 9th Battery C.F.A. Canada

3 Months, England, 9th Battery

10th Months, France, 9th battery

6 Months, Canadian Reserve Artillery, England.

5 Months, Canada, 71st Battery C.F.A.

1 Month, England, Canadian Reserve Artillery

22 Months in France, 2nd C.D.A.C. (Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column).


He return home from the front was noted in the Toronto Star, 26th June 1916:


“SOLDIERS RETURN, A Number of Toronto Men among those reaching Quebec.

A number of non commissioned officers and men of the Canadian overseas Army, who are returning, some of them wounded, others medically unfit for service, and some on furlough, arrived in Quebec over the weekend from Halifax in charge of Lieut Major, The Ontario Men are:

Toronto – … J.C. Bromhall C.R.A. …”