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Egypt Royal Marine HMS Turquoise KIA WW1

Egypt Medal, undated, George Kelley, Pte R.M., HMS Turquoise. Re-called for WW1 and Killed in action when HMS Hogue was sunk on 22nd September 1914 aged 48.

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Egypt Medal, undated, George Kelley, Pte R.M., HMS Turquoise. Officially impressed as issued.


Dark toning from storage.


A Royal Marine since he enlisted on his 17th Birthday, who fought in the Egypt and Sudan War of 1884-6, seeing further service all the way until the First World War, when he was mobilised to action on HMS Hogue, which was sunk by a German UBoat U-9 on 22nd September 1914.


George Kelley was born on 28th March 1866 in Hackney, London. He enlisted with the Royal Marines at the Walmer Recruit Depot on 28th March 1883, the day of his 17th Birthday.


He was transferred to 21st Company Chatham Division, being posted to HMS Turqoise on 20th March 1884, where he then saw service in the Egypt and Sudan War of 1884-6 earning this medal.
Following the war he was “Paid off on passage and discharged” being paid £20 and discharged on 3rd January 1888.


However he later enrolled in the Royal Fleet Reserve and was back with Chatham Division on 1st June 1901 for further service until 16th June 1906. He then Re-enrolled with the Royal Fleet Reserve seeing further service with Chatham Division until 24th December 1910, when he re-enrolled once more on Christmas Eve.
He saw further service being mobilised for active service once more, joining HMS Hogue for WW1 on 4th August 1914 but was discharged dead on 22nd September 1914, when the Hogue, Aboukir and the Cress were all sunk in action by German Submarine U-9.