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IDSM Arakan Burma 1943 14/12th FFR

Indian Distinguished Service Medal, GVI, Jemadar Azimullah, 14-12th Frontier Force Regiment. A Pathan (Pashtun) from Dualatpura, Peshawar. For bravery at Arakan, Burma with the Tiger Head Division.

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Indian Distinguished Service Medal, GVI, Jemadar Azimullah, 14-12th Frontier Force Regiment.

In excellent condition with patchy dark toning over the years.


Jemadar Azimullah was a Pathan or Pashtun from the Village of Dualatpura in Charsadda Tehsil, Peshawar District, now Rajasthan.


He was recommended for the immediate award of this medal in the field for his bravery in action, by his Commanding Officer, the citation reading:

“Jemedar Azimullah 14/12th F.F. Regt, on the nights of 14/15th and 17.18th August 1943, in Arakan, Burma was in command of one of the Platoons on the Mgakyedauk Pass, in close contact with the enemy he handled his platoon with skill and daring. Under mortar and heavy Machine Gun fire he moved from section to section, encouraging his men and controlling the battle with complete disregard for his personal safety, by his skill and good leadership the enemy were prevented from encircling another platoon on his flank, and were repeatedly driven off.”


Recommended shortly after the actions in the field by Lieut Colonel in Command on 7th September 1943 and granted by Major General Lomax, being announced in the London Gazette on 4th November 1943.


During this period the 14/12th Frontier Force Regiment were members of the 26th Indian “Tiger Head” Division. In the Story of the 26th Indian Division the author writes that “This division was so feared by the Japs that Tokyo radio specifically referred to it as the ‘Famous’ Tiger Head division goes the credit for holding our monsoon line in the Arakan for two seasons, twice stabilising a situation which threatened danger to our forces, and finally as the crown for this arduous thankless campaigning over two years of war, the triumphant entry into Burma’s capital Rangoon after a swift succession of leapfrog landings down the coast.