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IGS Burma 1885-7 named to Lt Col


India General Service Medal, bar Burma 1885-7, Lt Col Henry Elliott Dashwood Bayley, 30th Madras Infantry

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India General Service Medal, bar Burma 1885-7, Lt Col later Colonel Henry Elliott Dashwood Bayley, 30th Madras Infantry


Officially engraved in attractive flowing script: “Lt Col: H.E.D. Bayley 30th Madras Infy”


Lt Col Bayley earned his medal for his service in the 1887 Burmese Expedition.


“30TH MADRAS INFANTRY – The Bangalore Division has been again called upon to furnish troops for Burmah, this time the 30th Madras Infantry has had the good fortune to be selected for service in the Burmah Division.


The Regiment is at present stationed at Trinchopoly in the Old Artillery Lines, having been located there since their return from Dera Ghazi Kahn in December 1880.
There is a detachment of this regiment on duty with His Excellency the Governer at Outscamund.


The following British Officers proceed with the Regiment to Burma: Colonel F.C. St John, Lieutnanet Colonels F.S. Fitzpatrick and Lt Col H.E.D. Bayley…”



Lieutenant Colonel Henry Elliott Dashwood Bayley, Senior, was born on 27th May 1840, in Jaulnah, India.


His father was Major General James Walker Bayley, who had been born in Manchester, venturing over to India in the 1830s as a young man.


His family had resided mostly in the North of England in Manchester and Derbyshire as far back as 1616.


He married Frances Fitzgerald of Dublin.


Commissioned on 3rd march 1860, joining the 30th Madras Infantry, serving with the Infantry for the next 30 years rising to Command.


London Gazette, 21st July 1863, General List of Infantry Officers, Ensign H.E.D. Bayley to be Lieutenant in succession to Nicholas (deceased) of 44th Native Infantry, dated 14th January 1863.


Promoted from Lieutenant to Captain, dated 3rd March 1872.


Most of his career had been spent had been spent in the 30th Native Infantry, by 1890, he had been made Colonel of the entire Regiment.


Appointed as Colonel of the 30th Madras Native Infantry on 3rd March 1890.


Promoted to Major on 3rd March 1880, made Wing Officer of the 30th Madras Infantry in March 1881.


Promoted Lt Colonel 3rd March 1866.


Having done his 2 years, he retired, the Colonies and India 23rd July 1892 reads: “The Queen has approved of the retirement from the service of these Officers: Henry Elliot Dashwood Bayley, Madras Infantry.”


Taking his retirement he settled in England, and died during 1916 in Eton, Buckinghamshire.


Following his death, his widow placed the following brass memorial plaque at St John the Baptist’s Church in Hove:


Bayley – To the Glory of God and in honoured and ever treasured memory of my beloved husband Colonel H.E.D. Bayley late Commandant 30th Madras Infantry who fell asleep 1 July 1916. His whole life was a unique combination of all that is lovely and of good report. I thank my God upon every remembrance of thee. And in loving memory of Gertrude Ruding-Bayley wife of the above who entered into rest on 28 January 1929. Father I thank thee.”