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Jutland Man Trio LSGC Somaliland

AGS, bar Somaliland 1908-10, 1914-15 Star Trio, Naval LSGC, Chief Petty Officer and Ships Cook, who served at the Battle of Jutland on HMS Superb.

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Africa General Service Medal, EDVII, bar Somaliland 1908-10, 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medal, Naval Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, GV Chief Petty Officer and Ships Cook, who served at the Battle of Jutland on HMS Superb.


Served on board HMS Superb from 1913-1918, including the Battle of Jutland.


During the battle, “Superb was the 11th ship from the head of the battle line after deployment. During the 1st stage of the general engagement, the ship opened fire with her main guns at 18:26, at the crippled Light Cruiser SMS Wiesbaden, claiming several hits.
At 19:17, the ship fired 7 salvoes at the Battlecruiser SMS Derfflinger, but did not make any hits.”


Portsmouth Evening News, 31st August 1949 records his Naval Funeral:




The Funeral of Mr Wiliam Victor Hoad, took place on Tuesday at Highland Road Cemetery, Eastney.


A Union Jack covered the coffin, which was carried by 6 Naval Ratings.
The Last Post was sounded at the graveside.


Mr Hoad, who died suddenly on the previous Thursday after a brief illness, was a native of Portsmouth and for 17 years had been the Steward of the Selsey Club.
He was in the Navy for 22 years, reaching the Rank of Chief Petty Officer.
He served throughout the First World War, including the Battle of Jutland.


During the time he lived in Selsey (over 20 years), he made many friends, both in the Club and outside, and was a popular figure in the village, He leaves a Widow.


The family mourners included Mrs Hoad…
Representatives of the Sesley Club included Captain H. Weaver (Chairman of the Club Management Committee), Major R.J. Lamb (Hon Secretary) and Messrs S. Barnes, S. Terry, F. Rudwick, R. Summers, J. Bonnner, H. Cutting, F. Clancy, Norman Marshall and Winterton.”


AGS Officially impressed: “346989 W.V. Hoad., Act Lg Cks Mte. H.M.S. Philomel:
Star officially impressed: “346989 W.V. Hoad, SH. Ck. R.N.”
WW1 Pair officially impressed: “346989 W. V. Hoad. Ch Sh Ck R.N.”
RN LSGC GV officially impressed: “346989 W.V. Hoad. C.P.O. Cook. H.M.S. Glory.”


Some general wear over the years, also sold with his original stamped identity disc.


William Victor Hoad, had been born on 14th June 1886 in Portsea, Hants.


He first joined the Navy on 19th September 1904 as an Acting 2nd Cooks Mate of HMS Firequeen I.


By March 1905 he was already Cooks Mate.


He then saw service on HMS Foresight, 10th Jan 1907 – 30th Jan 1908
HMS Philomel, 3rd January – 25th July 1909. During which time he was promoted to Acting Leading Cooks Mate on 1st Feb 1909. and served in the Somaliland Campaign.


HMS Dryad from 28th August 1909 – 24th August 1910.


Leading into World War 1, he first joined as her Ship’s Cook on 2nd April 1913, and served on board all the way until 31st March 1918.


During this time he was promoted to Chief SHip’s Cook on 1st July 1916.


After the war he became Chief Petty Officer Cook on 17th May 1919.


Continuing his service further, he was only discharged to shore pension after a year on HMS Lucia from 25-26, at HMS Victory II on 18th September 1926.


He appears to return briefly before being again discharged to pension at HMS Victory II from 28th April 1938 until 2nd October 1938.


After his retirement he became a beloved local figure, as the steward to the “Selsey Club” in Chichester.


Hampshire Telegraph 22nd February 1935:


“The Selsey Club, The General Meeting of the Selsey Club was held at the Club on staurday last…
…He also referred to the excellent service rendered by Mr and Mrs Hoad, the Club Steward and his wife…”


A thank you notice in the Bognor Regis Observer 10th Sept 1949 reads:


“MRS Hoad wishes to thank all her kind friends for their many letters of sympathy and for the beautiful flowers sent in her recent sad bereavement. They were so numerous, impossible to write individually.
Also to thank Major Lamb and the members of the Selsey Club for their kindness and beautiful flowers, also Dr Blackwell and Doctors and Nurses of St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester.