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Kabul to Kandahar Star 92nd Highlanders


Kabul to Kandahar Star, 1966 Pte George Crichton, 92nd Gordon Highlanders. Boy Soldier since the age of 14. Scotsman from Edinburgh who grew up in the regiment.

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Kabul to Kandahar Star, 1966 Pte George Crichton, 92nd Gordon Highlanders. Boy Soldier since the age of 14. 


Reverse officially impressed: “1966. PRIVATE. G. CRICHTON. 92nd HIGHLANDERS.”


Confirmed on the medal roll, also earning the Afghanistan Medal 1878-80 with 3 clasps for, Charasia, Kabul and Kandahar.


George first signed up whilst in India with the regiment on his 14th Birthday, he spent many years with the 92nd Gordons, spending about 3 years with the 88th Connaught Rangers, then ending his career with some years in the Seaforth Highlanders.


“George Crichton, aged 60, a Scotchman, with a pension of 9d per day, who describes himself ‘As having been a soldier of the Empire in the 92nd Gordon Highlanders,’ and who stated he ‘has served his country in Afghanistan under Roberts,’ has on the suggestion of Captain Herdman, been admitted to the Strabane Workhouse at a charge of 6d per day.” Strabane Chronicle, 25th May 1912.


The Weekly Dispatch in London noted on 26th May 1912:




The Strabane Board of Guardians in Ireland acceded to the appeal of a Veteran, George Crichton, to be allowed to enter the workhouse. Crichton who said he was aged 60, left the Gordon Highlanders in 1888 on a pension of 9d a day.

Until the disbandment of the Militia he eked out a living by playing with Militia Bands.

Crichton is to go into the workhouse for a ‘month’s trial’ and pay 6d a day.”



George Crichton was born in St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland circa 1854.


He first enlisted into the Army with the Gordon Highlanders on 12th June 1868, when he was only 14 years old, the youngest a boy could enlist at the time as a “Boy Soldier.” and officially signed up on 13th June, which was the day of his 14th Birthday.


He actually enlisted at Jullundur in India, whilst likely serving there with his Father.


He was just 4 foot 3 inches tall, and a note reads that he was “Enlisted by Special Authority dated Adjutant Office Simla, 5th June 1868.”


Upon reaching the age of 15 on 13th June 1869, he was appointed as a Private.


He served in India from Enlistment on 13th June 1868 until 7th February 1888, 19 years 240 days.


Following his return home on 8th February 1888 he was discharged on 13th March 1888.


He had finished off his 18 years of service, following turning 18 years old, his conduct was described as:


“Indifferent, owing to offences against discipline but is a smart soldier.”


He had served in the 92nd Gordon Highlanders from his 14th Birthday in 1868 until 1881, when he was transferred to the 88th Connaught Rangers Regiment on 1st January 1881.


After almost 3 years with the 88th he transferred over to the Seaforth highlanders in November 1883.


Following this transfer his conduct got a little worse and he spent 2 period in prison.


20 days awaiting Trial form 14th April 1885 to 3rd May 1885, followed by a sentence of 42 days in prison from 4th May to 14th June 1885.


And again “In confinement awaiting trial from 22nd June 1887 – 14th July 1887”, being sentenced to another lengthy 42 days in prison from 15th July 1887 to 25th August 1887.