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Kabul to Kandahar Star 9th Lancers

Kabul to Kandahar Star, 2015 Private J. Henderson, C Troop, 9th Lancers. Who went on Lord Robert’s Epic 300 Mile March before fighting in the Battle of Kandahar.

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Kabul to Kandahar Star, 2015 Private J. Henderson, 9th Lancers.


Born in 1858, a 2015 Private Henderson is shown as embarking for Afghanistan on the Malabar on 11th December 1879, having recently enlisted on 2nd November 1879.


He is shown on the matching Afghanistan 1878-80 Medal Roll as having received the Medal with clasp for Kandahar for service with C Troop, 9th Lancers.


As he was a later arrival, he had missed out on earning the Charaisa and Kabul Clasps.


Unfortunately for him he had arrived just in time however to take part in Lord Roberts’s Famous 300 Mile March from Kabul to Kandahar during August 1880 for which he earned this Bronze Star.


Upon arrival he took part with the regiment in the Battle of Kandahar on 1st September 1880, leading to the defeat of Ayub Khan, who had to bolt from his camp and was then chased by the Cavalry for a short while but got away to Herat.