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Khedive’s Star Gemaizah Welch Welsh Regt

Khedive’s Star, undated type, regimentally impressed “WEL 583” for 583 Private William Arnold, 1st Welch Regiment, served 3 years in Egypt at Suakin and Gemaizah 1886-9.

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Khedive’s Star, undated, reverse regimentally impressed “WEL 583”.


Rare with proper attribution, the regimental style used in the period to name the stars as seen in a few other examples.


Mounted for wear on a contemporary silk ribbon with sewn in mounting bar.


Awarded to No 583 Private William Arnold, 1st Battalion Welsh or Welch Regiment.


With full copy service papers.


He fought in the “Battle of Suakin” on 20th December 1888, commonly know by the clasp awarded for “Gemaizah” Fort.


The 1st battalion had moved to Egypt in 1886, and fought in the Mahdist War during 1888 under the command Colonel Herbert Kitchener, who writes in his despatches of the battle:


“The half-Battalion of The Welsh Regiment are seasoned soldiers and whatever I asked of them to do they did well.


Their marksmen at Gemaizah Fort and the remainder of the half-Battalion on the left fired section volleys driving the Dervishes from their right position and inflicting severe punishment upon them when in the open.


Significantly the Battalion did not lose a man.”


Campaigns Served: “Operations at Suakin and Action at Gemaizah on 20th December 1888”


Home, 10th November 1883 – 29th June 1884
Natal, 30th June 1884 – 8th May 1886.
Egypt, 9th May 1886 – 28th August 1889.
Malta, 29th August 1889 – 22th October 1891.
Home, 23rd October 1891 – 9th November 1895.


Medals: “Soudan Medal and Clasp Gemaizah 1888 and Khedive’s Bronze Star” (This Medal)


William Arnold was born during 1865 in St Georges, Birmingham, Warwickshire.


He attested for service aged 18 on 16th November 1883, having joined from the 4th Militia Battalion Worcestershire Regiment.


Discharged on 9th November 1895 on completion of his 12 years terms of engagement.