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Korea Medal Royal Marines 40 CDO

Korea Medal, CH/X 4984 W.F.C.E. Waters, Mne, Royal Marines. Who was with 40 Commando at Suez in 1956.

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Korea Medal, CH/X 4984 W.F.C.E. Waters, Mne, R.M.


William Frederick Charles Edwin Waters was born in Blean, Kent during 1929. After returning home from the war he married Iris Emily Joan Falkes at Plymouth on 19th June 1954.


He is also listed on roll for the Naval General Service Medal, bar Near East, as a member of 40 Commando Royal Marines.
In the Invasion of Suez, 40 Cdo along with 42 Cdo, C Squadron of the R.T.R. were landed by Landing Crafts at Said’s Casino Pier. Whilst 45 Commando made the very first amphibious/Heliborne assault in history.