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M.G.S. 2 bars, 1st Royal Dragoons

M.G.S. Medal, 2 bars, Vittoria, Toulouse, John Sylvester 1st Royal Dragoons, from Frodsham, Charge of Union Brigade at Waterloo

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Military General Service Medal 1793-1847, 2 bars, Vittoria, Toulouse, John Sylvester 1st Royal Dragoons.


John Sylvester, also known as “Silvester” was born in Frodsham, Cheshire and was baptised on 5th May 1785, to Samuel & Anne Sylvester. He enlisted for unlimited service on Christmas Day 25th December 1804 at Chester.


He would serve with the 1st Royal Dragoons until 14th November 1818, including at the Battle of Waterloo being involved in the famed cavalry Charges of the Union Brigade as part of Captain Ralph Heathcote’s No 4 or “C” Troop.


He served continuously until his discharge on 14th November 1818, having completed 13 years 325 days of service with an additional 2 years for the Battle of Waterloo.


His conduct was “Good, having been in the Peninsular and at the Battle of Waterloo.”


After his discharge he rejoined the 7th Royal Regiment of Veterans from 11th November 1819 until 4th May 1821 as the unit was disbanded.


The 1851 Wales Census records him living in Llanwrin, Montgomeryshire, Wales with his wife Margaret and 3 daughters, Catherine, Ann & Margaret.