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Military Medal North Russia Award KRRC

Military Medal, WW1 Pair, WW2 Defence and War Medal, Army LSGC, 12560 Warrant Officer Ernest Henry Hatcher, King’s Royal Rifle Corps, decorated with the MM for North Russia, Murmansk, with Syren Force.

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Origin: United Kingdom
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Military Medal, GV, British War and Victory Medal, with MID oakleaf, WW2 Defence and War Medal, Army Long Service and Good Conduct, bar Regular Army, 12560 Warrant Officer Ernest Henry Hatcher, No 1 Special Company, King’s Royal Rifle Corps, decorated with the MM for North Russia, Murmansk, with Syren Force.


An exceptional and rare grouping to 1 of only 10 awards made to the King’s Royal Rifles Corps in North Russia.


Announced in the London Gazette, 3rd January 1920, the original recommendation states: “For good work as Signaller when alone on duty with the right column.”


Also Mentioned in Despatches, London Gazette 9th July 1919, for service with 13th Battalion KRRC.


Military Medal and WW1 Pair all officially impressed: “12560 Pte E. H. Hatcher. K. R. Rif: C”
Army LSGC officially impressed: “6838305 Sjt. E. H. Hatcher. M.M. K.R.R.C.”


Medals display mounted, the first 3 early medals are polished through wear, he would see a further almost 20 years of active service following their award and even longer after his return during WW2.


With a comprehensive research file, including copy photo’s of him on parade, copies of his “Red Book”, copy of WW2 medal issue slip, copy of his Army Certificate of Education 1st Class, Copy of his Assistant Instructor Regimental Signalling Course certificate.
Copy of his “Royal Warrant” upon being made a Warrant Officer Class 2, dated 1934 (on A4 so split into 2 pages)


His conduct has been: Exemplary


His discharge testimonial: “A most reliable and dependable Warrant Officer who possesses plenty of initiative and self confidence. He is a very good disciplinarian who gets on exceptionally with both officers and other ranks and is liked and respected by everyone.


He is tactful and level-headed and is not easily depressed or upset, He has always carried out his duties in a way as to inspire confidence in the men whom he had to work with.


He is well liked and recommended for a position of trust and responsibility in civil life.


A Warrant Officer with a fine Military record.”


A letter in his record from Signal Officer of the 1st KRRC, at Lucknow, dated 27th March 1931:


“Sgt Hatcher has been under my command as Signal Sergeant for the last three years. I can safely say that he is the best N.C.O. I have ever had under me. He is a very conscientious and man, who can be trusted to do well in any work given him. He has got a first class certificate of education and has exceptional common sense and ability. I highly recommend him for any post that he applies for.”


His full service details over 21 years, entirely with the King’s Royal Rifle Corps:


Home, 19th May 1915 – 18th May 1917
British Expeditionary Force, France, 19th May 1917 – 13th February 1919
Home, 14th Feb 1919 – 9th April 1919
Russia, 10th April 1919 – 11th October 1919
Home 12th October 1919 – 18th September 1922
India, 19th Sept 1922 – 15th Jan 1932
Home, 16th Jan 1932 – 18th May 1936


Personal History:


Ernest Henry Charles Hatcher, was born during 1898 in Lambeth, London, the son of Albert, a House Painter and Emily Hatcher. They lived on Ferndale Road, in Lambeth, London.


He was barely 15 when the war broke out and was due to his age forced to be an observer, whilst working as a Draper’s Assistant.


As soon as he could, he attested for service on 19th May 915 and once he was properly of age, he was finally posted for War Service in France, for the remainder of the war.


He was not long afterwards awarded a, as his papers call it “Special Mention in Despatches from Sir Douglas Haig, 16th March 1919.” announced officially in the London Gazette on 9th July 1919.


He would then join No 1 Special Company of the K.R.R.C.,


He died in Nottingham in late 1981, aged about 83.