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Military Order of the Dragon Lt Col

Military Order of the Dragon, breast badge, lacking top pagoda top bar, Lt Col Charles Reginald Scott-Elliot, 4th Madras Pioneers, No 326

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Military Order of the Dragon, breast badge, lacking top pagoda top bar, Lt Col Charles Reginald Scott-Elliot, 4th Madras Pioneers, No 326


Charles Reginald Scott-Elliot was born during in late 1873 in Kensington, London, he was the son of General Charles Scott-Elliot, Indian Army and Mary Vertue.


He married Elizabeth Walker, daughter of Thomas Eades Walker M.P., Granddaughter of 1st Lord Hindlip, in late 1903 in Kensington.


He died in Bute, Cornwall during 1948.


As a young man he was an Honorary Queen’s India Cadet at the Royal Military College, following his father into service, becoming commissioned as Second Lieutenant on 28th January 1893 to be appointed to the Indian Staff Corps on 5th April 1894, and promoted to Lieutenant on 28th April 1895.


He then joined the 4th Madras Pioneers and was present in the Tirah Campaign of 1897-8, with the Kurram Movable Column, as a Lieut he was Assistant Superintendent of Army Signalling for the column.


During the Boxer Rebellion in China he served as a Captain with the 4th Madras Pioneers, for which service he earned the China 1900 War Medal, with bar for Relief of Pekin, the roll adds he had embarked from India on 3rd July 1900, disembarking in China at Taku on 27th July 1900.


During the operations in China in 1901, he was serving as Brigade Signalling Officer with the 1st Infantry Brigade Staff, one of 7 Staff members under Brigadier General Sir Norman R. Stewart, Baronet, I.S.C.


He is noted in Baillie-Ki-Paltan, Being a History of the 2nd Battalion Madras Pioneers:


“1903 Bellary-Royadrug Feeder Line
In May 1903, a detachment of 300 men under Captain C.R. Scott-Elliot was sent to Bellary to assist in the construction of the Bellary-Royadrug Feeder Line.
The work consisted of making a railway bank across the bed of a large tank near Bellary and there was no other work besides the earth work.”


The book also contained a letter addressed by Lieut Col Scott-Elliot, when he was serving as Commandant of the 1st/61st K.G.O. Pioneers written to the O.C. Depot, 64th Pioneers:-


“I wish to put on record my appreciation of the services of my draft which you supplied to this regiment for service on the North-West frontier in 1919-20. They gave every assistance and in spite of very trying conditions in the hot weather, combined with a cholera scare, they carried out their duties cheerfully without any complaint.


I was especially pleased with the way they speedily adapted themselves to the customs of this Regiment, and their steady behaviour on night duty in the picquet line, by not returning the fire of snipers or allowing their imaginations to run loose, was especially gratifying.”


In 1911 he was present at the Coronation of King George V with the Indian Procession, one of 6 Indian Army Officers accompanying the 6 carriages of Indian Royalty.


He served further during World War 1, as a Major and Lieutenant Colonel, being mentioned in despatches with the 81st Pioneers in the Despatch of Lord French 31st May 1915 for service in France.


He was also active with the British Empire Service League, as head of the Indian section of the Empire Headquarters Advisory Committee.