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QSA 2 bars wounded 4 times WW1

Queen’s South Africa Medal, 2 bars, Transvaal, SA 1902, 4528 Pte A. Lake, Somerset Light Infantry. Shot in the legs 4 times during WW1

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Queen’s South Africa Medal, 2 bars, Transvaal, SA 1902 4528 Pte A. Lake, Somerset Light Infantry. Wounded 3 times during WW1 once in November 1914, shot himself in foot during 1916 and shot in leg during 1917.

Enlisted on 19th November 1895, served in East India from 10th November 1898 until 17th March 1902.
Served in South Africa for the tail end of the Boer War from 18th March 1902 until 1st May 1903.
Served continuously at home until WW1 when he was sent to France as an ‘Old Contemptible’ arriving with the very first troops on 21st August 1914 until 17th November 1914 when he was invalided home from his wound received on 7th November.

Served again in France from 17th March 1915 until 6th August 1915.
After a short period at home he went back to France one more time from 22nd December 1915 until 21st April 1917, when he was invalided home once again due his gunshot wound to the leg on 9th April.
He served the rest of the war at home unusually serving with many different regiments during 1918 until his discharge after serving 23 years on 6th February 1919 having been serving with the Royal Defence Corps.

He was attached to the Military Foot Police on 16th April 1918 before being transferred to the 9th Dorset Regiment on 19th June 1918 at the same time also becoming a member of the 6th Wiltshire Regiment.

He joined the Royal Defence Corps for the remainder of his service from 11th July 1918.

His War wounds:
Wounded slightly in the shoulder and left forearm, & gun shot wound to left foot on 7th November 1914 at Rouen
Wounded in the leg by a Machine Gun Bullet at Arras on 9th April 1915, which later caused his medical discharge.
Wounded in the left foot by a gunshot wound which was self inflicted on 3rd January 1916. (for this he was tried and convicted by General Court Martial at ‘Beeschepe?’ for neglect to the prejudice of good order and military discipline, having carelessly wounded himself in the left foot, sentenced to 30 days punishment.)
Wounded in the left leg again on 9th April 1917 by another machine gun bullet