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QSA 4 Bars Pontoon Troop Royal Engineers

Queen’s South Africa Medal, 4 bars, Relief of Kimberley, 24181 Driver John Maidment, C Company Pontoon Bridging Troop, Royal Engineers

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Origin: United Kingdom
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Queen’s South Africa Medal, 4 bars, Relief of Kimberley, Orange Free State, Transvaal, SA 1901, 24181 Driver John Maidment, C Pontoon Bridging Troop, Royal Engineers.


Later put his Engineering experience to work for Selfridges Ltd in London.


Officially engraved: “24181. Dr J. Maidment. R.E.”


During the Boer War, Driver John Maidment, saw service with the “C” Pontoon Troop of the Royal Engineers, tasked with building bridges for the force.


Entitlement confirmed on the roll, medal issued 28th November 1902 and the SA 1902 clasp on 30th July 1904.


With copy service papers.


Born circa 1869 in Lambeth, London, and worked as a Waiter prior to enlistment aged 20 on 30th December 1889.




Home, 30th Dec 1889 – 29th Nov 1892
Home, 30th Dec 1892 – 10th Nov 1899, Army Reserve
South Africa, 11th November 1899 – 28th January 1901, South Africa War Service interrupted by being invalided home.
Home, 29th Jan 1901 – 23rd April 1902.


The son of William (From Wiltshire) and Sarah