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QSA HMS Niobe Drowned WW1


QSA, no bar, John Drew, Leading Stoker, HMS Niobe in the Boer War, who drowned during WW1 at East India Docks whilst serving on H.M. Motor Lighter X64, X Lighter Amphibious Landing Crafts

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Queen’s South Africa Medal, no bar, John Drew, Leading Stoker, HMS Niobe, during the Boer War, brought out of retirement for WW1, he was a Stoker Petty Officer when he drowned at West India Docks on 17th Dec 1916 whilst onboard HM Motor Lighter X64


Officially impressed: “J. Drew, Lg: Sto: H.M.S. Niobe”


Having returned to the Royal Navy, he was discharged dead on 17th December 1916, having been found drowned at West India Docks in London. He is buried in East London Cemetery, Plaistow.


The X-Type Amphibious Landing Crafts, were first conceived during WW1 with 200 X-Lighters being built for landing the troops at Gallipoli.


X1 to X200 were 105.5 feet long and powered by an engine.


X-64 it self managed to survive consistent use until it was finally broken up at Bow Creek during 1992, there are a number of photos of it taken throughout the years of use.


Pictures is HM Motor Lighter X064 in later life as “Beam”.