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QSA KSA 6 Bars Indian Born

An unusual QSA KSA Pair of George Norman Pasley, Army Service Corps. Born in Decca India to a Church Missionary Evangelist Minister and lived at St Helier Jersey.

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Queens South Africa, 6 bars, Cape Colony, Paardeberg, Driefontein, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, Belfast, King’s South Africa Medal, 2 bars, SA 1901, SA 1902


QSA Officially impressed: 13940 Lce Corl G. N. Pasley. A.S.C.” large type impressing early issue
KSA officially impressed: 13940 Corpl. G. N. Pasley. A.S.C.”


An unusual QSA KSA Pair with a good entitlement of 6 clasps, Private George Norman Pasley, Army Service Corps. Born in Decca India to a Church Missionary Evangelist Minister, signed up at St Helier Jersey where he lived.


Mr George Norman Pasley was born during 1881 in Decca, Bombay, India.


His father, Henry “Harry” Albert Pasley 1841-1902, was a Dublin Born Church Missionary and Evangelist Minister who spent most of his life travelling spreading the gospel, as such young George moved a lot as a child.


George was born whilst his father was in India, they were back in Camberwell Surrey during 1891.
They then settled in St Helier, Jersey in the 1890s where his Father had lived before being noted there on the 1871 census. His father in his late 50s married a local woman Amelia Susanna Pirouet, who was “For considerably over 20 years the Head Mistress of St Paul’s School, and was well known in the Island.”
His father remarried on 3rd November 1897 at St Helier.
His father died as a member of the “Mission Church Watlington Oxfordshire” as Evangelist-Minister, on 28th December 1901, he new wife returned back to Jersey.


As soon as he turned 18, and having just gained a School Head Mistress for a Step Mother, he signed up at St Helier for the Army.


He proved to be quick to be promoted.


Attested as Private in the Army Service Corps, 16th June 1898.
Promoted to Lance Corporal on 1st May 1900.
Promoted to 2nd Corporal on 1st January 1901.
Promoted to Corporal on 1st July 1902.


Returning home after the war joining the Army Reserve on 22nd September 1902.
Finished out his Army Reserve terms of engagement as Corporal on 15th June 1910.


At some point he settled in South Africa, his papers say he was back at home with the Army Reserve, but it actually looks like he remained in South Africa where he married during 1906, possibly being allowed to finish his Army Reserve Period overseas, provided he supply himself if the need arose.


In Pretoria on 2nd March 1906, he married a local girl, Mary Aldridge and they began their life together in the city.


He later died, having been a Book Keeper for a Private Firm aged 54 in Capitol Park, Pretoria.