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QSA KSA Pair Major Dr Stiell RAMC

Queen’s South Africa Medal, 3 bars, Cape Colony, Orange Free Sate, Transvaal, King’s South Africa Medal, 2 bars, Major D. Stiell, R.A.M.C.

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Queen’s South Africa Medal, 3 bars, Cape Colony, Orange Free Sate, Transvaal, King’s South Africa Medal, 2 bars, Major D. Stiell, R.A.M.C.


His obituary in the British Medical Journal, 26th August 1933:


“Major David Stiell, R.A.M.C. (retired), died at Bournemouth on May 25th, aged 68.
He was born at Lesmahagow on April 20th 1865, and was educated at Glasgow, where he graduated M.B., C.M. in 1888, and M.D. in 1896.
Entering the Army as a Surgeon on February 5th, 1868, he became Major after twelve years of service, and retired on May 25th 1907.


He served in the South African War in Orange Free State, including the action at Zillkat’s Nek, and received the Queen’s Medal with three clasps and the King’s Medal with two clasps. When the War of 1914-18 began he rejoined from the Reserve of officers, and served throughout the war.”


Army list records his service in the Boer War as:
“S. African War, 1900-02, Operations in the Orange Free State, Feb to May 1900. Operations in the Transvaal in May and Jun 1900. Operations in the Transvaal, east and west of Pretoria, July to 29 Nov 1900, including action at Zilikats Nek. Operations in Cape Colony, north and south of Orange River, 1900.
Operations in the Transvaal, 30 Nov 1900 to 31st May 1902. Queen’s Medal with 3 clasps, King’s Medal with 2 clasps.”


Lanarkshire Upper War Examiner 15th November 1884 records his schooling:


“LESMAHAGOW – SCHOLASTIC – Mr David Stiell, Theaths, Lesmahagow, has passed successfully the third professional examination in Medicine (Regional Anatomy, Materia Medica and Pathology) at Glasgow University. He received his secondary education under Mr Reid, at the Lanark Grammar School.”


Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser 2nd October 1886:


MEDICAL APPOINTMENT – Among the candidates who have been successful for appointments as Surgeons in the Medical Staff of Her Majesty’s Army, at a competitive examination in London on the 9th and following days of August 1886, we notice with pleasure the name of Dr David Stiell, Theathes, Lesmahagow.
Dr Stiell who was educated at Lanark Grammar School, under Mr Reid, has had a very successful undergraduate career in attendance at the medical classes in the University of Glasgow.
On leaving the Grammar School, he passed the preliminary medical examination, and since then has prosecuted his studies so successfully that he has attained the position of M.B., C.M., a year before he was entitled from his youth to graduate, and now at the early age of 21 he has obtained his present distinction with a total number of marks of 2360.”


On the occasion of his death, Birmingham Daily Gazette 1st September 1933:


“Major David Stiell, of Bournemouth, who left £11,830, bequethed his freehold house and furniture, and £1600 to his housekeeper, Evelyn Day.”