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QSA Stoker HMS Doris

Queen’s South Africa, no bar, J. S. Evans, Stoker, HMS Doris. Served during WW1 on the Armoured Merchant Cruiser Alsatian as it became the first Dazzle painted Navy ship.

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Queen’s South Africa, no bar, J. S. Evans, Stoker, HMS Doris.


John Samuel Evans was born on 14th February 1876 in Halwell, Devon. He joined the Royal Navy as a Stoker 2nd Class on 6th July 1896 on Vivid II. Service Number 282849.


He joined HMS Doris, his first ship on 18th November 1897 as a Stoker and served onboard during the Boer War until 31st May 1901.
His next service was onboard HMS Medusa from 12th June 1902 until 20th July 1903.
HMS Spartan 18th November 1903 to 9th May 1904.
HMS Pelorus 19th May 1904, promoted to Stoker 1st Class on 1st July 1906, onboard until 12th October 1906.
After seeing further ship service he joined HMS Gibraltar on 2nd August 1914 as the War broke out, onboard until 27th November 1914.
After some shore service at HMS Vivid II until 21st April 1915, he joined the Crew of the Armoured Merchant Cruiser Alsatian, which he was onboard from 22nd April 1915 until 13th February 1918.
The A.M.C. Alsatian became the very first Navy Ship to be painted with the ‘Dazzle’ pattern camouflage paint during August 1917 during his service.
Awarded his Long Service medal on 16th April 1918 at Vivid II.


Following the end of WW1 he was demobilised on 26th February 1919.