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QSA Trio LSGC Royal Marine


Queen’s South Africa, bar Cape Colony (loose), 1914-15 Star Trio, Naval LSGC, Sydney Thomas Garland, Pte, Royal Marines, HMS Terpischore. Royal Marine since age 14. Cameroon Expedition of 1914, HMS Challenger, discharged dead 1943.

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Queen’s South Africa, bar Cape Colony (loose), 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medal (officially renamed), Naval Long Service and Good Conduct, Sydney Thomas Garland, Pte, Royal Marines, HMS Terpischore in the Boer War.


Sydney Thomas Garland, a lifetime Royal Marine followed his Father into the Royal Marines at the young age of 14 as a Bugler Boy, by WW1 he served on HMS Challenger as it went on an interesting expedition into Cameroon, navigating the south and west side of Africa during 1914-15, including a small invasion when the colony refused to give in to British control. Having completed 21 years of service, with another 3 before coming of age he was discharged to his pension, but returned to the Royal Marines and in 1939 was an Officer’s Steward at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. He served until he was discharged as dead on 26th September 1943, over 46 years since he first became a Royal Marine.


QSA officially impressed: “S. T. Garland, Pte. R.M., H.M.S. Terpischore.” Cape Colony bar not confirmed, but contemporarily mounted and presumably added by recipient.
1914-15 Star and Pair impressed: “Ply. 8195, Pte S.T. Garland, R.M.L.I.” the Victory medal naming being officially renamed.
Naval Long Service impressed: “Ply. 8195. S.T. Garland, Pte. R.M.L.I.”


Medals are swing mounted as worn, on original silk ribbons but with little wear for someone who spent a lifetime with the Royal Marines.


Sydney Thomas Garland was born in Plymouth Devon, on 30th March 1883, to Joseph and Kezia Garland, his father a serving Private in the Royal Marines.


Like his father, by the age of 14 he went from “Plymouth School Boy” to Bugler Boy, Royal Marines on 30th April 1897 with the Plymouth Division.


He came of age and became a Private on 6th September 1900.


Period of Boer War service:


Plymouth Div 3rd Oct 1899 – 31st Dec 1899 under Command of Col Scafe
Plymouth Div 1st Jan 1900 – 9 July 1900 – Embarked
HMS Andromache 10th July 1900 – 21st August 1900, Headquarters
Plymouth Div 22 Aug 1900 – 9 Nov 1901 (shown as embarked at Gosport)


HMS Gibraltar 11th November 1901 – 13th December 1901
HMS Terpischore 14th December 1901 – 25th April 1904.


Served all the way through to WW1, joining HMS Challenger on 5th December 1914 until 30th April 1915, where his papers note he was from 1914-15 part of the “Cameroon Expedition”


The interesting history of the ship and this expedition is told on Naval-History.net at the link below:


Naval History article on the Cameroon Expedition


Full WW1 Service:


HMS Challenger 5th Dec 1914 – 30th Apr 1915
HMS Astaea 1st May 1915 – 16th June 1915
Portsmouth Div 17th June 1915 – 14th Sept 1915
HMS Carysfort 15th Sept 1915 – 23rd May 1918
Plymouth Div 24th May – 22nd July 1918
HMS Vivid (for duty with B.N.T.O. ****?) 23rd July 1918 – 6th March 1920


Discharged finally to his pension in early 1922, however he appears to have returned as by 1939 he was still serving but shown as an Officer’s Stewart at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth.

His papers end at 1922 but note he was discharged as dead on 26th September 1943.