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RSPCA Risked Life for Dog Wales

RSCPA Medal, For Saving Life, Silver, Awarded to George Henry Eatwell, a brave 21 year old Welsh Miner who risked his own life to heroically save a Fox Terrier Dog at Cwmcarn.

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Origin: United Kingdom
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RSCPA Medal, For Saving Life, Silver, Awarded to George Henry Eatwell, a brave 21 year old Welsh Miner who risked his own life to heroically save a Dog at Cwmcarn.


Officially engraved as issued: “MR GEORGE HENRY EATWELL 1926”


On original silk ribbon and top pin brooch “For Humanity”, also in the original fitted case of issue.


The event recounted, the 21 year old Hero:










How a dog which had been entombed in the mountain crevice for 30 hours was rescued by a young collier at the risk of his life.


George Eatwell, a collier, of Cwmcarn, Monmouthshire, at the risk of his life, saved a Fox Terrier which fell into a crevice on the mountain-side.


The dog was out with its owner, Joseph Maggs, when it disappeared and could not be found.


The dog, a Fox Terrier, was out on Mynydd Maen Mountain with its owner on Saturday night, when it darted off and went to earth.
For hours its owner searched in vain, and later he was joined by 4 other men with lights and tools.




All through the night they dug near the crevice where the dog was late seen, and eventually when hey had penetrated to a depth of 16 feet they heard a whimper.


Eatwell wriggled through the crevice and saw the dog huddled below.


He could not drop down, but volunteered, if someone would hold his feet, to slide down head first.


Preparations were made, and, amid, falling rock and water and in great danger of his life, he went head downwards to the bottom of the crevice and secured the animal. Both were hauled to the top."


South Wales Gazette, 18th June 1926, recalls his bravery upon the presentation of the medal:




At the opening of the Abercarn Police Court yesterday (thursday) an interesting little ceremony took place, when George Henry Eatwell, a young Cwmcarn Collier, was presented with the RSPCA’s Silver Medal in recognition of his heroic action in saving the life of a dog.


Inspector Hallam, representing the society, said that on May 16th a dog belonging to Joseph Maggs, Cwmcarn, fell into a crevice on the Mynydd Msen.
Severel men worked for 30 hours trying to reach the unfortunate animal, and eventually young eatwell volunteered to be lowered into the hole head downwards.
He failed to reach the dog at the first attempt, but the second time he succeeded.


The Chairman (Mr John Richards) said he had great pleasure in according to the request of the Society to present Mr Eatwell with this medal.


Everyone would agree that it was a courageous act on his part to risk his life to save a dog. He hoped it would not be the last brave act for which the recipient would be responsible. Abercarn and district were very proud of him.


Mr. Eatwell responded."


George Henry Eatwell was born in 1905, in Cwmcarn, Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales, and lived there throughout his life.