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Scinde Hyderabad 25th Bombay Native Infantry


Scinde War Medal, for Hyderabad 1843, impressed naming in usual style, Matta Deen Trebuck, 25th Regiment of Bombay Native Infantry. 6000 men against 15000 Talpurs of Sindh.

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Scinde War Medal, for Hyderabad 1843, Matta Deen Trebuck, 25th Regiment of Bombay Native Infantry.


Impressed in the usual Calcutta style seen to Indian recipients of the regiment: “Matta Deen Trebuck 25th Regt N.I.”


Fitted with “German Silver” straight bar suspension, as most examples to men of this regiment are seen.


On 24th March 1843, the 25th Bombay Native Infantry, alongside a medley of Indian Army unit cavalry and the 22nd Cheshire Regiment, were part of a 6,000 strong army under Captain James Outram and Sir Charles Napier.


The East India Company army were engaged against the Talpurs of Sindh under Mir Sher Muhammaed Talpur and Hoshu Sheedi, which numbered over 15,000 men.


The British were victorious receiving only 39 dead and 231 wounded as casualties, the Talpur losses reportedly numbered about 2,000.


A small British force, led by Captain James Outram, were attacked by the Talpurs and forced to make a fort of the British residence, which they successfully defended until they finally escaped to a waiting river steamer. After the British victory at Meeanee, Sir Charles James Napier continued his advance to the Indus River and attacked the Sindh capital of Hyderabad. Hyderabad was defended by 20,000 troops and Baloch tribes under the command of His Highness Mir Sher Muhammad Khan Talpur "Sher-i-Sindh" and Hosh Mohammad Sheedi. Charles Napier with a force of only 3,000 men but with artillery support stormed the city. During the battle, Hosh Mohammad Sheedi was killed and his forces routed; Talpurs resistance collapsed and Sindh came under British rule.