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South Atlantic Medal HMS Fearless

South Atlantic Medal, Falklands War, AB(M) N A Simpson, D167339C HMS Fearless. Rarely seen to the ship.

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South Atlantic Medal, Falklands War, AB(M) N A Simpson, D167339C HMS Fearless, slight official correction to “HMS”


HMS Fearless was first launched as an Amphibious Assault Ship during 1963. Before the Falklands War it was featured in James Bone Fil, the Spy who Loved Me, as the ship that picks up Bond’s escape pod.


During the Falklands War it was under the command Capt EJ.S. Larken DSO, as a Key Command Ship. For this reason it attracted many attacks from the Argentinean Air Force’s planes. Although it was hit by cannon fire on one occasion it did not suffer any serious damage, and carried out various sorties from the anchorage at San Carlos, including the insertion and recovery of landing craft at San Salvador and Fitzroy.


Notably amongst the crew was also the staff of Amphibious Force Commander Commodore Michael Clapp and Commanding Officer of 3 Commando Brigade, Julian Thompson and his staff.
During the conflict 2 of the ship’s landing crafts were involved in rescuing crew from HMS Antelope after it had been bombed. RM Coxswain Alan White received a commendation and Colour Sergeant Brian Johnston was awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal for rescruing other crew members in Foxtrot 4, a larger LCU Landing Craft, however he and 5 others of F4’s crew were later killed on 8th June 1982 in an attack by enemy aircraft.