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Sutlej 50th Foot Died of Wounds Moodkee

Sutlej Medal, 1845-6 for Moodkee, bar Ferozeshuhur, Thomas Pike, 50th Foot. Wounded in Action at Moodkee, fought at Ferozeshuhur then died shortly afterwards of wounds

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Sutlej Medal, 1845-6 for Moodkee, bar Ferozeshuhur, Thomas Pike, 50th (The Queen’s Own) Regiment of Foot.


Officially impressed: “THOMAS PIKE 50th REGt”


Confirmed on the medal roll, with copy extract from the British Library, as entitled to the medal, reverse for Moodkee, bar for Ferozeshuhur, shortly after this battle, before he could see further action at Aliwal and Sobraron.


Wounded in action on 18th December 1845 at Moodkee aka Mudki.


Somehow still standing 3 days later, to be engaged at Ferozhushur on 21st December 1845.


Died barely 3 weeks after his wound on 4th January 1846.


The Morning Advertiser 9th December 1846, reports a list of 50th Regt men who had been killed or had since died of wounds in the war including Pike:


“WAR OFFICE December 8,


Supplementary List of Non Commissioned officers and Private Soldiers of the Queen’s Army killed in the late battles on the Sutlej, or who have died of wounds received in those action.


50th Regiment – …Thomas Pike,…”


1208 Private Thomas Pike, is shown on the 1841 Index as being present with the regiment at Sea, Calcutta.


The regiment had just come from New South Wales, where they were serving as convict guards for several years, initially being posted to India to act as a deterrent to a Burmese Force at Tenasserim.


As he was in India during 1843, he was likely present in the Gwalior War of 1843, possibly earning a Punniar Star.


The 50th were present at Punniar under the command of Sir John Grey, earning the battle honour for their service.


According to a breakdown of the medal roll, about 807 medals were earned for the Sutlej War to the 50th Regt, with about 112 being like this with the Moodkee Reverse and Ferozeshuhur Clasp.