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WW2 MBE Corps of Police Germany

M.B.E. and WW2 Campaign Medal Group, with MID oakleaf, to WO1 RSM Sidney Byron Osborn, Corps of Mounted Police. With original papers and excellent citation for involvement in numerous campaigns and theatres.

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Origin: United Kingdom
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M.B.E., 2nd Type Military Issue, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, France adn Germany Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, with MID oakleaf, 550616 WO1 RSM Sidney Byron Osborn, 5 Divisional Provost Company, Corps of Mounted Police. With original papers and excellent citation for distinguished service, he had served in France, India, Persia, Iraq, Syria, Sicily, Italy, Palestine and Germany through the War.


Medals display mounted, attributed by his original: Royal Warrant for M.B.E., mention in despatches certificate, named M.B.E. award slip and his detailed, filled in Army Form B2617 Recommendation for His Majesty’s Commission in the British Army.


Member of the Order of the British Empire, announced in the London Gazette, 11th October 1945, recommendation:


“This Warrant Officer has become a character known throughout the Division for his cheerfulness, efficiency and resourcefulness.


After exemplary work throughout the Sicilian and Italian campaigns, he has worked with tireless energy during the moves of his Division from Palestine to Lubeck.


Regiment Sergeant Major Osborn has a great reputation amongst officers and Warrant Officers of this formation as a result of the speed and ingenuity with which he has constantly solved problems of discipline and traffic during the period in question.


Whilst his Company has been split up and has received new members, he has always kept complete control and it is to any other is due the credit for the successful work of the Divisional Provost Company during the last 3 months.”


Sidney Bryon Osborn was born during 4th June 1912 in Ipswich, the son of Hubert Osborn and Alice Farthing.
He was educated at Christchurch School in Ipswich from 1917-19, Ranleigh Raod School, Ipswich, 1921-1924 and BRamford Road School, Ipswich, 1924-26.


By the time of the war, he was already a long serving soldier, his service first began in 1930, he when became a member of the 14th/20th Hussars upon turning the age of 18 years old.


He saw serving in Egypt from 1931-33, Serving in India from 1933-1936, then the Army Reserve from 1936-39.
Whilst with the Army Reserve he worked as Leading Storeman at RAF H Maintenance Unit, at Kidbrooke and Dumfires.


As WW2 began, he re-enlisted on 11th November 1939 with the Suffolk Regiment and then joined the Corps of Military Police.


His commission request details his services and skills, he was marked as “Fully Trained” in each category for a soldier, use of a Rifle, Bren Gun, Machine Carbine, Grenade, Riding a Motor Cycle, Gas and Map Reading.


His Commanding Officer writes on 8th May 1944:


“RSM Osborn is a regular soldier of considerable experience and ability. He has a healthy appetite for work under any conditions, he is smart, honest, sober and can command men and get the best out of them. He is cheerful and efficient at all times and has earned for himself a good reputation amongst Officers in this Division. He will make a good Provost Officer, I recommend him for an immediate Commission.”