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WW2 Navy Group with NGS GSM CAPT

1939-45 Star, italy Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, Naval General Service Medal, bar Palestine 1945-48, Campaign Service Medal, bar Malay Pensinsula, Captain D.W. Barthelmas, Royal Navy, 25 Year Veteran

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1939-45 Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, Naval General Service Medal, bar Palestine 1945-48, Campaign Service Medal, bar Malay Peninsula, Captain D.W. Barthelmas, Royal Navy, 25 Year Veteran


Court mounted for wear, with matching Miniatures and various ribbon bars.
C.S.M. named: “Commander D.W. Barthelmas. R.N.”


David Walter Barthelmas was born during 1921 in Woolwich, London. He became of age during WW2 and at the time was studying at University in London. During 1943 he graduated with a B.Sc and became a Graduate with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.


During 1945 he served on HMS Aurora and presented a Battle Ensign to Bradford in 1946 as noted on the Front Page of the Yorkshire Post, 26th July 1946:


“BRADFORD GETS A BATTLE ENSIGN – But Wonders Where to Hang it


When officers and ratings of HMS Aurora, Bradford’s adopted warship, were entertained by the Lord Mayor at the Town Hall today, and Lieut F. Finlayson, R.N., on behalf of the ship’s company handed over to the city the cruiser’s battle ensign, nobody seemed to know where the flag should hang.


The Lord Mayor told a Yorkshire Post reporter that the question of where to house the ensign had not yet been officially considered. ‘I shall bring it to the notice of the responsible committee’ he said ‘Probably the decision will be made by the Finance Sub-Committee in consultation with the party leaders.’


Lieut Finlayson had with him Lieut (E) D.W. Barthelmas, Warrant Shipwirght L.G. Firth and 20 Ratings.


Handing Over the ensign to the Lord Mayor, Lieut Finlayson said the name of Aurora was second to none in the Royal Navy. Lieut Finlayson also handed the Lord Mayor a cheque for £100 as a contribution by the ship’s company to Alderman Chamber’s Fund for the Housing of Aged People.


After Shipwright Warren had supported Lieut Finlayson, the Lord Mayor returned thanks and said that although HMS Aurora was to be handed over to the Chinese Navy, Bradford people hoped another Aurora would succeed her in the British Navy and also be Bradford’s adopted ship.”


He is also in an Article with a photograph of him in the February Navy News of 1966:


“A New Inn named after Carrier


PHOTO – Capt Derek Empson, R.N. (left), formerly Captain of HMS Eagle, chats to two other ex-members of the carrier’s crew, Cdr D.W. Barthelmas, R.N., and Mr Bray (right) in the background is one of hte large blown-up photographs of HMS Eagle that decorate the walls of Plymouth’s newest public house


The Eagle, Plymouth’s newest public-house in Cornwall Street, had an appropriate opening by Capt Derek Empson, R.N., formerly Captain of the Aircraft Carrier HMS Eagle


Before pushing a button to deliver the first pint of beer, Capt Empson said he was glad to see such a long bar counter. This was very appropriate as HMS Eagle had in her wardroom the longer bar in the Fleet.


The decor of the new inn includes Royal Navy uniforms and swords and blown up photographs of the carrier.
Also among the guests were two other ex-members of the Eagle’s Crew – Commander D.W. Barthelmas, R.N., Engineer Officer until August 1965 and Mr Bray, ex Master-at-Arms.
A feature of the Eagle is that the cellar is on the first floor and pints are not drawn, but delivered into the glass at the press of a button. The license hopes that the crew of the carrier will call in and see their own pub when they come home.”




London Gazette 27 October 1944: Proby Tempy Sub-Lt (E) D.W. Barthelmas, R.N.V.R., transferred to R.N. in rank of Tempy Sub-Lt (E) with Orig. Seny. of 31st July 1944”


London Gazette 18 June 1946: Tempy Sub-Lt (E) D.W. Barthelmas to be Tempy Lt (E), 1st May 1946.


London Gazette 22 April 1947: Tempy Lts (E) granted Permanent Commissions with seniority as stated: D.W. Barthelmas 1st May 1945


London Gazette 2nd June 1953: Lts (E) to be Lt-Cdrs (E) with seniority as stated; D.W. Barthelmas, 1st May 1953


London Gazette 12th January 1960: ENGINEER SPECIALISTS Lieutenant Commander to Commander, David W. Barthelmas.


London Gazette 2nd July 1968: Engineer (Mechanical) Specialisation, Commander to Captain: Barthelmas, David W., B.Sc. (Eng) A.M.I.Mech.E.