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1 of 3 Somaliland to Argyll Suth Highlanders

Africa General Service Medal, bar Somaliland 1902-04, WW1 Pair, Army LSGC, GV, Sergeant Jonathan McInnes, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, only 1 of 3 bars issued to regiment.

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Africa General Service Medal, bar Somaliland 1902-04, WW1 British War and Victory Medal, Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, GV, 6202 Sergeant Jonathan McInnes, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.


Africa General Service officially impressed: “6202 Serjt: J. McInnes. A. & S. Hdrs”

WW1 Pair officially impressed: “6202 Sjt. J. Mc Innes A. & S. Highrs”

Army LSGC officially impressed: “6202 Sjt: J. McInnes A. & S. Hdrs”


Nice period original swing mounting on silk ribbons, a little frayed over the years.


All medals confirmed. With copy service papers.


Army LSGC issued in Army Order 121 of 1916.


The issue of the Somaliland Clasp to the regiment being extremely rare, received only by Captain (later to be Brigadier General of the A.I.F.) Duncan John Glasfurd (his medals sold in DNW 1999) and Sergt McInnes alongside his fellow Sergeant C Johnstone.


1 of only 3 men from the 2nd Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, who served on attachment to the Supply and Transport Corps as part of the 4th Somaliland Camel Corps.


These 2 Sergeants served under the Captain Duncan John Glasfurd, who commanded the 4th Somaliland Camel Corps, Glasfurd was Mentioned in Despatches for this campaign.


His Commanding Officer, Brigadier Duncan Glasford



Sergeant Jonathan McInnes was a Scotsman and long serving NCO of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, aka the 93rd Highlanders.


He was born in Strath, Inverness, Scotland, during 1873. It appears he was born at Heaste, in Strath, on the Isle of Skye, the same as his future wife.

The son of Donald and Mary (Mackinnon) McInnes, he grew up in the town of Strath.


His parents and his wife’s family all camef rom the Parish fo Strath on the Isle of Skye.


Having originally enlisted at 19 in the Royal Scots on 14th April 1892 he paid his way out to discharge a few months later by Purchase on 13th July 1892.


A few years later, now about 24 years old, he once again attested for service, at Stirling in Scotland for the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders on 13th July 1897.


Remarkably it took less 6 months to receive his first promotion when he was appointed as Lance Corporal on 26th January 1898.


However he would be reverted on 2nd April 1898, for misconduct.


He first joined the 2nd Battalion on 13th January 1899.


He would show further promised and receive a brace of promotions in the coming years, which would include being taken on his unusual service in Somaliland by Captain Glasfurd.


Promoted to Lance Corporal on 28th November 1899.

Received his Transport Certificate on 25th April 1900, and Stretcher Bearer Cert on 3rd June 1901.

Promoted Corporal, 25th June 1901

Appointed as Lance Sergeant, 12th June 1903 (Passed Exam 20th October 1900.

Promoted to Sergeant 26th January 1904. (Passed Professional Examination on 9th March 1903


He would retain the rank of Sergeant for the remainder of his career until he closed out his 21 years of service in 1918.


These were his postings through his career:


Home, 12th July 1897 – 12th Jan 1899

India, 13th January 1899 – 13th Jan 1904, start of 2nd Bn Service.

Somaliland, 14th January 1904 – 11th August 1904, on attachment to Somaliland Camel Corps, S&TC.

India, 12th August 1904 – 16th November 1905

Home, 17th November 1905 – 17th September 1909.

Malta, 18th September 1909 – 2nd October 1910

Home, 3rd October 1910 – 2nd October 1916

Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, 3rd October 1916 – 21st March 1918.

Home, 22nd March 1918 until 8th Feb 1919, when discharged.


During his service he married his wife Ann “Annie” Kelly at Stirling on 10th Sept 1909, having at least 2 children at Stirling with her during 1911 and 1912, he married right before he set off to Malta in 1909.


Having settled in Edinburgh after the war, he died there on 9th november 1934.


His wife returned home to Heaste, Isle of Skye where she died in October 1940.