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1914-15 Trio 53 Coronation MSM RE

1914-15 Star Trio, 1953 Coronation, WW1 Army MSM, Special Constabulary Medal WW2, Cpl George William Ellwood, Royal Engineers, Lancaster man, all medals confirmed. With Photo

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Origin: United Kingdom
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1914-15 Star Trio, 1953 Coronation, WW1 Army MSM, Special Constabulary Medal WW2, L Cpl George Wiliam Ellwood, Royal Engineers, Lanacaster man, all medals confirmed.


1914-15 Star officially impressed: “98875 Spr G.W. Ellwood. R.E.”
WW1 Pair officially impressed: “98875 Cpl G.W. Ellwood. R.E.”
1953 Coronation, unnamed as issued, confirmed on medal roll, earned as a Lancashire Special Constable during 1953.
Army MSM officially impressed: “98875 Cpl G.W. Ellwood. R.E.”
Special Constabulary Officially impressed: ”Sergt. George. W. Ellwood”


Medals display mounted and in good condition.


London Gazette, 3rd June 1919, “Cpl Ellwood, G.W., 31st D.S. Company”
An award for King George V’s Birthday Honours List, for service during the War. “In Recognition of valuable service rendered with the Armies in France and Flanders.”


An unusual all confirmed combination of medals, George was 29 years old at the outbreak of WW1, and would earn his final medal, the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal in 1953 whilst still serving as Sergeant in the Special Constabulary, aged 68 years old, he died the next year.


With Copy Research, including Service Papers for WW1, Newspaper Article for Award of 1953 Coronation, Newspaper Article confirming receipt of Special Constabulary Medal by the Chief Constable during 1943, as well as a copy photograph of a young Ellwood.




31st Division Services During the War


His WW1 service records are a little singed, having come from the Burned Records section.


He attested for service on 26th August 1915.


He would served overseas with the British Expeditionary Force from 11th December 1915 until 24th May 1919.


First landed for overseas service in Egypt on 23rd December 1915, where the Company spent some time in Cairo and Alexandria.


Landed then in France with 31st Signal Company on 6th March 1919.


The “31st Divisional Signal Company” which he served with throughout the war, was a Signal Company as part of the “31st Division”.


The Division had been formed by Volunteers and mostly consisted of men like Ellwood who were primarily local “Pals” units raised mainly in Yorkshire and Lancashire.


Once the Division landed in France they much action in the upcoming First Battle of the Somme, being amongst those who went over the top and sustained significant casualties.


They later fought in the Battle of the Ancre in November 1916.


In 1917, they fought at Oppy Wood on 8th April 1917 in the Arras Offensive.


They continued the fighting all the way to the armistice in late 1918 ending with the Hundred Days Offensive, and in March 1918 took part in the defence against the German SPring Offensive.


Promoted Lance Corporal, 18th November 1916
II Corporal, 15th May 1917.
Acting Corporal, 12th September 1918.
Corporal, 12th September 2928.


George William Ellwood, first entered his Theatre of War in World War 1, Egypt on 23rd December 1915, after the end of the war he was discharged to Z Reserve on 1st July 1919.


George was born in Lancaster, Lancashire, on 19th July 1885 and was baptised there on 15th August 1885.
He was the son of George Luke Ellwood and Mary Ann Ellwood.


He died during early 1954 aged about 68, not long after receiving his final Medal for Queen EIIR’s Coronation.


Lancaster Guardian 15th December 1944, reports on his Silver Wedding:
George William Ellwood and Annie Sargent, at Christ Church, Lancaster, December 20t 1919 by the late Reverend Ker Cooper, 18th Newsham Place, Bowerham, Lancaster.”


During World War 2, George remained in Lancaster, well into his 60s by this point, whilst working as a Grocer’s Warehouseman he was a keen Special Constable holding the rank of Sergeant, he was a frequent member of the Special Committee, helping to organise the yearly balls and get-togethers of the Lancaster Branch of Special Constabulary.


Lancaster Guardian, 2nd April 1954:


“DEATHS – ELLWOOD – On March 30th (1954), George WIlliam, the dearly loved husband of Annie Ellwood, of 18, Newsham Place. Cremation at Carleton today preceded by service in St Pauls Church at 9.45am”