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Crimea 3 Bars 55th Severe Wound

Crimea Medal, 3 bars, Alma, Inkermann, Sebastopol, Corporal Thomas Scott, 55th Foot, Severely Wounded in action at the Battle of Inkermann.

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Crimea Medal, 3 bars, Alma, Inkermann, Sebastopol, Corporal Thomas Scott, 55th Foot, Severely Wounded in action at the Battle of Inkermann. 


Officially engraved by Hunt & Roskell: “Corpl Thos Scott. 55th Regt.”


Entitlement to the medal and clasp is confirmed on the medal roll, due to his severe wound and being invalided home early, his medal was engraved and assembled by Hunt & Roskell, the medal roll being additional marked “H&R”.


Some contacting and general wear, otherwise an attractive example with well executed engraving.


With copy service papers.


Thomas Scott, received a Severe Wound at the battle of Inkermann on 5th November 1854.


His wound, was announced in the London Gazette, dated 11th December 1854, page 4040, titled “Nominal return of Non Commissioned Officers and Men Wounded, from 2nd to 6th November 1854, both days inclusive.”


In the aftermath of the battle, “The 55th, though not so large in numbers as at the Alma, was proportionately much greater, allowing for the diminished strength of the Regiment, which on the morning of the 5th November had numbered only 433 Officers and Men.

Captain Butler the DAAG of the 1st Division and 16 Rank and File were killed in action, Colonel Warren, Lt Col Daubeney, Captain R. Hume, and Lieuts Barnston and Morgan, together with 5 Sergeants and 64 Rank and File (including Corpl Scott), were wounded, many of them dangerously, and 2 privates were missing, and were never afterwards heard of, making a total loss of 93 officers and men.


The 2nd Division suffered to severely that the 1st Brigade, consisting of the 30th, 55th, and 95th Regiments could muster only 700 men on the day after the battle, while the whole division had only 6 Field Officers and 12 Captains Fit for duty!” – Historical Account of the 34th and 55th (Border) Regiments recalls the battle.



The medical assessment:


“Rendered unfit for further service from contraction of left knee joint, after gun shot wound of thigh received at Inkermann.”


Corporal Thomas Scott, was born circa 1835 in Staines, Middlesex.


He signed up for the Army aged only 17, on the 4th August 1852.

Signing up for an appetising bounty of £4 at Westminster.


He served underage from 4th August 1852 until 3rd November.


He then became a full Private having turned 18 from 4th November 1852.


Not long afterwards he was promoted to Corporal on 10th May 1854.


Having seen significant active service over the space of only 1 year in Crimea, he was discharged on 29th May 1855.



The 55th Regiment of Foot, known as the Westmoreland Regiment, was later amalgamated to form the Border Regiment.