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HAC Territorial Efficiency Medal Officer

Honourable Artillery Company Territorial Efficiency Medal, GV, with 2nd award clasp, Lieut & Dvr Cedric George Billson Edwards, H.A.C. Rare award, served Greco-Turkish War of 1919-22.

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Origin: United Kingdom
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Honourable Artillery Company Territorial Efficiency Medal, GV, with second award clasp, Lieut & Driver Cedric George Billson Edwards, H.A.C. 


Officially impressed: “1396280 DVR. C.G.B. EDWARDS. H.A.C.”


Rare to the HAC who had their own unique ribbon design for this issue, and all confirmed, also confirmed for the clasp.


With detailed digital copy of Officer’s Service File (About 115 pages long).


Clasp to the medal awarded, Army Orders February 1931.



Cedric saw long service with the HAC, being discharged in 1933, having originally enlisted in 1911 during the First World War he saw much active service joining the Royal Field Artillery as a Lieutenant, choosing to give up his commission after the war, and continue his voluntary service as a “Driver”.


He was later the licensee and manager of the “Haunted” Bell Hotel in Thetford, Norfolk.


Cedric was born during 1894 in Ross, Herefordshire.


Son of William George Edward (Born London 1851) and Rose Ethel Edward (Born 1877 Ross, Hereford)


He had first signed up with the 7th London Brigade, R.F.A. on 7th December 1911 as a Driver.


He was embodied for war service on 5th August 1914, before he was Discharged on 20th September 1915: “Being granted a commission in the 185th Tottenham Brigade Royal Field Artillery.”


Promoted to Lieutenant on 1st July 1917

22nd July 1917 attached to the Army Service Corps


Released from the Army, 26th February 1921

Relinquished his commission and retained the rank of Lieutenant, 26th February 1921.


Gave up this rank, having relinquished the rank of Lieutenant on Re-enlistment 14th March 1921, choosing to re-enlist in the H.A.C. as a Driver.


Cedric sent the following letter “Sir I have the honour to request that you will again put forward my application for the award of the Territorial Efficiency Medal. You will remember that ‘Records’ turned down my previous application as they stated I had no Overseas Service! I have since been through the medium of the Officer Commanding, 64th Bde R.F.A. (T) and you will see from the attached copies of letter that they have now admitted my claim to this decoration.” – Sent to the O.C. B Battery HAC, 8th March 1923.


The following services were attached:


“I beg to make application for the Territorial Efficiency Medal, my service is as follows:


Joined the 7th London Bgde RFA in 1911, No 925

Attended Summer Camps of 1912, 1913, 1914

Mobilised in August 1914

Commissioned, 2nd Lt RFA Sept 1915 and served continuously as an Officer until March 1921.


Rejoined the Territorial HAC in March 1921.


Please also say if I am entitled to the Territorial War Medal, my overseas service is as follows:-


France, 4th December 1915 to 19th December 1915

Salonica, 8th September 1916 to 9th August 1918

Turkey, Oct 1919 to February 1921”


Cedric writes the following letter to the War Office from his Hotel in Nofrlk on February 1935:


“I Joined the Territorial Royal Field Artillery in 1911, was mobilised in 1914, commissioned 2nd Lieut R.F.A. Sept 1915, promoted Lieut July 1917, served overseas in France, Salonica, Malta, Ireland, Turkey in Europe and Turkey in Asia until early 1921.

During the period of 1916-21 I was several times recommended for a Regular Commission in both the Royal Artillery and the Royal Army Service Corps but returned to civil life in March 1921, immediately re-joining the Territorial Army in the ranks of B Battery Honourable Artillery Company, although I could have obtained a Territorial Commission had I wished.

In April 1933 I was compelled by reasons of business to take my discharge, much against my inclinations, having then completed 23 years of service unbroken, that is counting 1 years war service in the ranks as Double Service. I hold the 1915 Star, General Service and Victory Medals, and Efficiency Medal with clasp.

When I rejoined the Territorial Army I received a letter from the War Officer reference 110246/15 MS4E of 12th May 1921 stating that at the termination of my service I would be reinstated in commissioned rank provided I wished it.

I therefore applied to my Commanding Officer and asked that in view of my age (41) and my long unbroken service I might be Gazetted out with the rank of Captain.

Hearing nothing for sometime I repeated by application and now attach a letter I received from Major Tom Smith, O/C of B Battery Honourable Artillery Company (RHA T) which explains itself.

I should like to make it clear that this is not a request to be gazetted to any form of Army Reserve of Officers but ready to use the rank of Captain and wear the uniform on any occasion which may warrant it.

Yours faithfully, CGB Edwards Late Lieut R.F.A. Cedric George Billson Edwards.”





In 1921, he was living with his family in Onslow Gardens, Hornsey, Middlesex.

Noted as a Tourist Booking Clerk for Thomas Cook and Son Tourist Agents.


In late 1921 he also married Rebecca Bernhardt.



In later life, during 1939, he was living at the Bell Hotel, in Thetford, Norfolk, where he was the Hotel Manager, working with his wife Rebecca, as the Hotel Manageress.