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Hunza Naga Badge 1891 Gurney

Hunza Naga Badge, 1891, stamped by Gurney and Son, with reverse lugs and pin. A rare medal awarded to recipients of the IGS 1854 bar Hunza 1891 by Mahrajah of Jammu and Kashmir

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Hunza Naga Badge, 1891, stamped by Gurney and Son, with reverse lugs and pin. Some general signs of wear but remains a good example. Original striking with makers mark of Gurney & Son, Woodstock Street, London. Also a nice modern piece of the unusual ribbon which it was believed to have been worn with. Originally issued to be worn as a brooch around the neck like this, a few examples later had the reverse loops removed to be worn as a more traditional breast badge alongside their IGS Hunza 1891 allowing them to attach the ribbon. A rare campaign medal awarded to the Imperial Service Troops for the ‘Anglo-Brusho War’ of 1891, as the Troops of the British Raj fought against the Princely States of Hunza and Nagar in the Gilgit Agency. Colonel Algernon Durand commanded a force of about 1,000 rifles and 2 Guns, the British gained control of Nagar during a battle at Nilt Nagar during 1891. The fort at Nilt was stormed, and after a fortnight’s delay the cliffs beyond it were also carried by assault. Hunza and Nagar were then occupied and the chief of Nagar was reinstates on making his submission, for Hunza the Half-brother of the Raja of Hunza was instead installed as Chief in place of his brother. For this short campaign three Victoria Crosses were awarded to Sir Fenton Aylmer, Lieut Guy Boisragon, 5th Gurkha Rifles & Lieut John Manners Smith for the assault on Nilt Fort. A highly unusual and unconventional looking “Campaign Medal”, the recipients which numbered about 1,515 men were recipients of the India General Service Medal, with the rare clasp “Hunza 1891”. It was manufactured in England on behalf of the Mahrajah Shri Ranbir Singh of Jammu and Kashmir circa 1891 as a reward for the soldiers involved in the campaign. A few years later during 1895 he ordered a similar medal but this time in the Style of a Breast Badge also produced by Gurney.