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Imperial Service Medal star shape GV


Imperial Service Medal star shaped, GV, 1911-1920 named to James G Hammond, known as Jim, a long serving Postman in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire from Fenny Stratford.

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Origin: United Kingdom
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Imperial Service Medal star shaped, 1st type issue, GV 1911-1920 named to James G. Hammond.


Provenance, Ex DNW 2003.


James G. Hammond, was a Postman at the General Post Office in Bletchley, awarded the Imperial Service Medal in the London Gazette, 29th December 1910.


An account of a young James Hammond, is noted in the Bucks Herald, 16th May 1885, when he was working as a Postal Messenger in the service of the Postmaster General when he witnessed a fatal accident at the Bletchley Railway Station, his friend Frederick had been run over by a wagon and he tried to save his life.


A long inquest was held, with James making his statement as he


On Saturday last, about 4.30 an accident occurred at this station which resulted in the death of a young man named Frederick Pollard, employed by the he Company as a Horse-driver…..
The unfortunate man was with his horse drawing a truck of cattle along the line at the north end of the station, when by some means he fell both under the wheels of the truck, which passed over both his legs, completely crushing them.
His cries attracted the attention of James Hammond, a mail messenger in the service of the Postmaster General, who was a short distance from the scene of the accident.
He immediately went to the assistance of the poor fellow, who was conveyed to one of the waiting rooms on the station, where Dr McGachen saw him and at once pronounced the injuries to be of a fatal character……


James Hammond – I am a Mail Messenger at Bletchley Station. I did not see the accident take place. On Saturday last about 4.30pm, I was going to the mail apparatus down the line for the purpose of lowering the net for the up mail.
When about 240 yards from the station I heard one call out, and turning in the direction I saw Frederick Pollard lying beneath the waggon. I at once went to his assistance.
When I got to him he said to me; ‘Jim, I am done for; pick me out of this.’ I lifted him out of the 4 feet into the 6 feet way, and then called for assistance.
I asked him how it happened, and he said, ‘I was riding, Jim.’….”


Pensioned Postman, James Hammond, is shown on the 1911 Census, living at Napier Street in Fenny Stratford, Buckinghamshire.


Born in Fenny Stratford, Bucks during 1855.


The Imperial Service Medal, instituted on 8th August 1902 was first awarded as this 7 sides star shape, alongside the higher grade Imperial Service Order. In 1920 they changed the issue to the more commonly seen small round silver type.


A Civil Servant would be awarded the medal for 25 years of Loyal and Meritorious Service to the Crown upon retirement.


Mounted as worn by Elkington.