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Military Cross 1939 Palestine Captain HLI

Military Cross Group for Palestine 1939, to Captain R.L. Garratt, 2nd Bn Highland Light Infantry. Extremely rare issue for Palestine.

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Origin: United Kingdom
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Military Cross, GVI, dated 1939, General Service Medal, bar Palestine, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, WW2 Defence Medal, WW2 War Medal, Major Richard Lorne Garratt, 2nd Battalion Highland Light Infantry.


GSM Palestine officially impressed: “CAPT R.L. GARRATT. H.L.I.”


Extremely rare award for bravery, in the year of 1939 only 40 Military Crosses were awarded, with 28 for Palestine, between 1936-39 for the whole conflict only 64 M.C.s were awarded.


His official recommendation for the award of the Military Cross:


“On 18th September, 1939, Captain R.L. Garratt, escorted by two sections in open trucks, was approaching the village of Al Qureiba, when heavy fire was opened at his party from both the front and the left flank.


Captain Garratt immediately got his men out of the trucks and into positions of defence. A few minutes later fire was opened on the patrol from the rear.
Fire, was now coming from three directions, and the enemy appeared to be about 50 strong. In a positions which had now become very serious Captain Garratt showed completed disregard for his own safety, in returning to the trucks which were in a very exposed positions, and collecting further reserves of ammunition, when stocks which were carried by personnel were exhausted.


His prompt action and fine example of coolness and leadership under fire undoubtedly saved his patrol from heavy losses.”


Signed by Lieutenant-General, General Officer Commanding, British Forces in Palestine and Trans-Jordan.


Richard Lorne Garratt was British born overseas in Abbottabad, Bengal, to Richard and Sophie Lorne Garratt on 25th May 1904. His father appears to have been in India with the Political Service.


Following his families return from India he lived most of his life in Surrey.


He died during late 1978 in North Western Surrey.


London Gazette 26th August 1941, confirms his promotion from Captain to Major as of 25th Aug 1941.


His retirement in the London Gazette 25th May 1954: “H.L.I. Major R.L. Garratt. M.C.