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MM Siege of Malta RA 2nd Special Air Service


Military Medal GVI, 1939, Africa, Italy Stars, Defence, War Medal, L/Bdr Roger White, 2nd Special Air Service, late Royal Artillery, for fearlessly shooting at dive bombers in the Siege of Malta.

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Military Medal GVI, 1939 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, with MID Oakleaf, L/Bdr Roger White, 2nd Special Air Service, late Royal Artillery, for shooting at dive bombers in the Siege of Malta.


“I may tell you we thought so much of him that he was recommended for accelerated promotion, He was a most excellent NCO and what is more, he was a brave man.

I am sure he enjoyed his life with us, he was always cheerful and nothing every seemed to get him down.

He was for some time my despatch rider and I could not have wished for a better man.

He volunteered later for another job which I cannot describe here, but it was a job for a brave man.”

– His former Commanding Officer in an emotional letter to Roger’s parents, he was unable to disclose that he had joined the S.A.S. publicly.


With extensive research, copies of his page in the SAS & LRDG Roll of Honour, detailed full service file recently released from the National Archives, Photograph from the Motherwell Times of him and detailed obituaries, London Gazette Entries, Copy Recommendation, 


Military Medal Officially impressed: “833924 L. Bmdr. R. White. R.A.”


Other medals all unnamed as issued and the group is display mounted, MID unconfirmed.


Military Medal, announced in the London Gazette, 18th February 1943:


“At XHB8 Gun Position during a period of intense dive-bombing attacks between 15th March and 28th April 1942, this NCO was a Gunner.


On the 19th April the position was dive bombed on 5 separate occasions, during the first of which both NCOs of his gun were wounded, He immediately took charge of the gun and kept it in action throughout the remainder of the day, cooly and efficiently engaging subsequent dive bombers.”


The Military Medal was earned as one of the brave anti-aircraft gunners with the 4th Heavy Anti-Aircraft or “Ack Ack” Regiment, Royal Artillery, who were stationed at the position XHB8 holding off intense dive bombing attempts by the Luftwaffe.


The area they defended at Il-Mara, Benghisa was known by the men as “Benny”


You can click here to see an excellent painting and the brave Gunners, based on a photograph taken of this exact gun position during the Siege of Malta, referred to as: “One of the most heavily bombed sites on Malta.”



On 26th October 1943, whilst serving with 2nd Battalion Special Air Service in Annaba, Algeria, he died in a Parachute Accident.