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New Zealand War Bugler 68th Regt

New Zealand War Medal, undated reverse, 237 Bugler Christopher Preston, 68th Regiment Light Infantry. Officially impressed naming. Rare award to a Bugler.

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Origin: United Kingdom
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New Zealand War Medal, undated reverse, 237 Bugler C. Preston, 68th Regiment. Officially impressed naming.


With a short extract from the Muster Rolls. From October 1863 – January 1864, travelling from Rangoon to Auckland, New Zealand with the regiment.
January – December 1864, in New Zealand.
January – December 1865, in Turango, New Zealand.
January – March 1866 at Turango then at Sea.
Promoted to Bugler 7th March 1866.


Medal roll also confirms his service in the War between 8th January 1864 to 10th March 1866, remarking that he was discharged on 10th March 1868. Approximately 67 undated medals were issued to the regiment.