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OSM Afghanistan Scots Highlander

Operational Service Medal, bar Afghanistan, 25238195 Highlander W.W. McKenna, The Royal Regiment of Scotland, aka the Scots.

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Operational Service Medal, bar Afghanistan, 25238195 Highlander W.W. McKenna, The Royal Regiment of Scotland, aka the Scots. 


Officially laser engraved naming: “25238195 HLDR W W MCKENNA SCOTS”


An award for Operation Herrick, the code-name for the British involvement into the Afghanistan War between 2002-2014, as part of the so called GWOT or Global War on Terror.


The Royal Regiment of Scotland saw a number of deployments to Afghanistan between 2006 and 2013.


An interesting feature of the medal is the man who was a Private is referred to with the traditional rank of “Highlander”, prior to 2006 the “Highlanders” was an Infantry Regiment in the British Army, which became part of the new Scottish Regiment the “Scots”.


The Highlanders became “The Highlanders, 4th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland.” as other medals have been seen with “PTE” to the Scots it appears that this is only a feature of the “Highlanders” of the 4th Bn Scots.


In which case the medal is probably an award for their 2011 posting to Afghanistan which you can read a Gov.uk article about here:



“They were the last members of the battalion to return from a gruelling six-and-a-half month tour in central Helmand where they supported 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines in preparing the Afghan National Army and Police to fully take over security operations in the country in 2015.


The men and women of 4 SCOTS, which recruits from across Scotland and around the UK, met their families and friends as they arrived at their barracks in Fallingbostel, Germany, after a long flight from Cyprus where they spent their decompression.


500 soldiers from 4 SCOTS deployed to Afghanistan in March as Combined Force Lashkar Gah and conducted operations in support of the Afghan Government across the largest district in Helmand, ranging from the dense Green Zone and farmland of Babaji, through to the deserts and smallholdings of Yakshal and the Arghandab River Valley.


C Squadron from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and B Company from 3rd Battalion The Mercian Regiment made up the remainder of the Combined Force.


During their deployment 4 SCOTS handed over responsibility for security in central Lashkar Gah to the Afghan National Security Forces and then continued to support them as they pushed into areas on the outskirts of the district to further strengthen the security footprint.


The tour also involved rough living conditions and long patrols in remote locations in baking hot temperatures.”