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QSA Natal HMS Widgeon Naval Brigade

Queen’s South Africa Medal, bar Natal, 145229 J. McAdam A.B. H.M.S. Widgeon, rare Natal bar to the Royal Navy, only 91 medals to entire ship.

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Queen’s South Africa Medal, bar Natal, 145229 J. McAdam A.B. H.M.S. Widgeon.


A rare naval brigade medal, the Widgeon only received 91 medals for service in the Boer War, with 72 being entitled to the Natal bar.


The roll shows a duplicate was issued to this man, this has large style serif officially impressed naming.


James McAdam was born on 7th September 1871 in Berehaven, County Cork, Ireland. He entered the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd Class onboard HMS Impregnable on 16th January 1888.


As the Boer War began he joined the crew of HMS Widgeon on 1st October 1899, and served with the Ship until 24th August 1901. During the war he was detached for service on land with the Naval Brigade being sent to Zululand in Natal.


After the war he continued his navy service including serving onboard HMS New Zealand between 1907 and 1909.
By 5th November 1911 he was discharged to his pension with the Royal Fleet Reserve.


However he was recalled once more for World War 1 as it began, joining HMS Majestic from 2nd August 1914 until 26th May 1915. After serving then at HMS Vivid I and Vivid II he joined HMS Ambrose from 1st December 1917 until 2nd May 1919 when he was finally demobilised.


At the time HMS Ambrose was a submarine depot ship which was when he joined in late 1917 stationed at his home town of Berehaven, before transferring to Falmouth.