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Royal Red Cross, Queen Victoria

Royal Red Cross, R.R.C. 1st Class, VR, Queen Victoria Issue, in Silver Gilt and enamels. Extremely rare, only 112 made in Silver Gilt, with 212 made during the Victorian Period.

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Origin: United Kingdom
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Royal Red Cross, R.R.C. 1st Class, VR Victorian Issue, in silver gilt and enamels.


Extremely rare and very few have been offered for sale over the years. Since the institution of the award in 1883, an initial minting of 100 crosses were made, these badges were presumably made in gold, another 112 Victorian R.R.C.’s were produced, 12 in 1899, 50 in 1900 and 50 in 1901, so only 112 of this silver gilt type were made and only 212 Victorian crosses being produced in total.