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TFEM East Riding of York Yeomanry

TFEM, GV, 154 L. Cpl William Ridsdale, East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry. Scarce to unit. Served in Egypt with the Yeomanry Mounted, Battles for Gaza. Many served with Lawrence of Arabia.

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Territorial Force Efficiency Medal, GV, 154 Lance Corporal W. Ridsdale, East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry. Scarce to unit. 


Officially impressed: “154 L. Cpl. W. Ridsale. E. Rid: Of York: Yeo”.


Confirmed as awarded in Army Order 234, dated 1st July 1913.


The East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry, became part of the newly formed Territorial Force during 1908.


They formed part of the Territorial Force’s “Yorkshire Mounted Brigade”, during World War 1, those including L Cpl Ridsale were employed as Mounted Cavalry and Machine Gunners.


During World War 1, William landed into the “3” Theatre of War, in Egypt on 10th November 1915.


Joined the Machine Gun Corps with service number 150184, alongside most of the remaining East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry Men and the Lincolnshire Yeomanry who were both combined to form the “D” Battalion Machine Gun Corps (Mobile).


Disembodied after the end of the war on 18th February 1919.


First World War:


During the War, William Ridsdale was mobilised for war service with the 1/1st East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry.


Having spent most of 1915 at Home, and forming part of the 40,000 men on 20th May 1915 who were presented before The King and Lord Kitchener.


The regiment set sail for war in Alexandria, Egypt during October 1915 and landed there in November.


Notably the regiment spent 1916 with the Western Frontier Force, which was “a dreary job, causing a number of NCOs and Men to join the newly formed Imperial Camel Corps and 120 officers and men to be detached for service under the command of the famous T.E. Lawrence “Lawrence of Arabia”.


In December 1916 they joined the ANZAC Mounted Division and finally saw action, fighting in the First Battle for Gaza, a hard engagement for both the men and their horses, followed by the Second Battle of Gaza where it held the far right flank of the battle.


With General Allenby’s reorganisation the 22nd Mounted Brigade joined the Yeomanry Mounted Division.


During October 1917, the East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry rode in the Third Battle of Gaza, and on 13th November at El Mughar, they supported a charge by the 6th Mounted Brigade.


‘A’ Squadron of the Regiment was commanded by Major J.F.M. Robinson M.C. who led the 22nd Mounted Brigade having captured their objective and pressed on to Akir established a position on the far side of the village square, however they had to withdraw as they were unsupported by the rest of the brigade.

Sadly it had transpired that the village was the location of a Turkish Corps Headquarters, and had the success of the attack been exploited then a major dislocation of the enemy lines could have been achieved.

The Charge at El Mughar was the last great cavalry charge of the British Army.


In December 1917, with the exception of the Machine Gun Section, the regiment was dismounted and sent over to France.

From 7th April 1917, together with the Lincolnshire Yeomanry, they formed the D Battalion, Machine Gun Corps (Mobile) redesignated 102nd Bn from 19th August 1917.