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WW1 MSM Labour Corps Liverpool Regt Wounded


Army Meritorious Service Medal, GV, 382930 Sergeant Thomas Roberts, Labour Corps and Liverpool Regiment. Wounded in head by shrapnel shot 5th June 1917, at Arras

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Army Meritorious Service Medal, GV, 382930 Sergeant Thomas Roberts, Labour Corps and Liverpool Regiment. Wounded in head by shrapnel shot 5th June 1917. 


Officially impressed: “382930 Sjt: T. Roberts. Lab: C.”


With copy service papers.


MSM awarded in the “Peace Gazette”, supplement to the London Gazette, 14th October 1919.


“In recognition of valuable services rendered with the Armies in France and Flanders”


G.S.W. Gun Shot Wound to the Head in action received as Arras on 5th June 1917.



Sergeant Thomas Roberts, was a Liverpool Docks Labourer for many years, who although he was about to turn 40, signed on to serve his country with the King’s Liverpool Regiment during 1915.

He reached Lance Corporal, but his battalion, the 3rd K.L.R. was due to sit at home the entire war, so he got a transfer to the 1st battalion and went to France, where he was further promoted after a few months to Corporal.


Just after his promotion, the 159th Labour Company was formed and in need of good men, being a NCO of good standing, he joined on as a Corporal, and reached the rank of Sergeant.


It would appear his years on the Docks had come in useful when it was required.


He managed to fulfil his duties, even when Shrapnel from an Artillery Shell left him with a nasty head wound at Arras during June 1917, which left him suffering the effects throughout the remainder of the war.


Even so he managed to be still promoted to Sergeant, and his good service would lead to an award of the coveted “Meritorious Service Medal” for his service in the field in France and Flanders.


Even with his wound, he remained in France, until his eventual invaliding after the armistice in January 1919.




Thomas Roberts, Sergeant in the 15th Labour Corps.


First signed up for the war on 25th October 1915, with the King’s Liverpool Regiment, at Liverpool.


He lived and worked in Liverpool, on the Docks, being a member of the Dock Labourer’s Union.


He was about to turn 40 years old at the time and went over to France on 20th December 1916, with the 3rd Battalion Liverpool Regiment.


He served with the Liverpools, and was promoted to Lance Corporal on 1st September 1916 and then Corporal on 9th May 1917.


Around this time he joined the 159th Company of the Labour Corps, and would be wounded in action soon afterwards.


The 158th and 159th Company of the Labour Corps were formed in May 1917.


The Labour Corps was usually the destination for Infantrymen once they were over 40, and he was also a NCO of good standing at the time.


“I was wounded in the head with shrapnel on 5.6.1917. I suffer from fits of giddiness especially in hot weather, I am afraid that it will prejudice any chances of employment on my discharge.”


The effects of his wound continued and he was discharged on 25th January 1919 with disability, he was examined in the field by a field ambulance Major, having “had a small scar on the scar on the back of his head, stating that his last attack was on 24th January 1919.”


Sadly he was still suffering from “Occasional Giddiness due to wound of head” and was invalided out of the Army.


Signed off as Class Z Army Reserve on 1st March 1919 at Nottingham, to return home to Liverpool, Character stated as Very Good.