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Egypt 2 bars Abu Klea Sussex Family Group


Egypt Medal, undated, 2 bars, The Nile 1884-85, Abu Klea, 800 Corporal J. Harper, 1st Royal Sussex Regiment, and his father’s Victorian Army LS and GC, who was Colour Sergeant of the 35th Royal Sussex Regt for many years.

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Egypt Medal, undated, 2 bars, The Nile 1884-85, Abu Klea, 800 Corporal J. Harper, 1st Royal Sussex Regiment.


Officially engraved: “800. Corpl. J. Harper. 1/Rl Suss: R.”


Slight nick to reverse of top clasp, Some light pitting to front and back from wear alongside his Khedive’s Star.


His father: Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, VR issue, 2574 Colour Sergeant J. Harper, 35th Regiment (Royal Sussex Regiment) of Foot


Officially impressed: “2574 Color. Sergt. J Harper 35th Foot.”


2574 James Harper was born in 1833 in Cappy, Omagh, Ireland, he first joined the 35th Regiment on 15th September 1852.


He served during the Indian Mutiny, promoted to Corporal on 22nd February 1856 and then Sergeant on 9th January 1858.


By 31st December 1861 he was appointed as Colour Sergeant.


He had a slight rank reduction to Private from Drunkenness on 7th December 1867, but quickly rose back to his old rank, promoted to Corporal on 1st October 1868, Sergeant on 25th November 1868 and Colour Sergeant on 1st January 1869.


He was finally discharged as Colour Sergeant on 24th May 1873, having completed almost 21 years of service on 8th July 1873.


He had spent 13 years 65 days of his service overseas in the East Indies.


Does not appear to be on the written Indian Mutiny medal roll but he was serving at the time and his statement of character reads:


“Conduct has been good, he was when promoted in possession of 2 good conduct badges, had he not been promoted had been now in posession of 4 good conduct badges. Has the India Mutiny Medal.”

“His name appears once in the Regimental Defaulters book. Has never been tried by Court Martial.”


He was still alive as of the 1911 Irish Census, living in Rough Hill, Favor Royal, Tyrone, Ireland, at the age of 78 with his wife Martha and daughter Rebecca.