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Military General Service Medal, bar Toulouse, Private James Hall, 10th Prince of Wale’s Own Royal Hussars, 10th Light Dragoons. Battle of Waterloo Veteran.

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Military General Service Medal, bar Toulouse, Private James Hall, 10th Hussars, 10th Light Dragoons. 

James Hall rode at the Battle of Waterloo with his regiment taking part in the defeat of Napoleon.


Officially impressed: “J. Hall. 10th Hussars.”


Provenance, ex Spink June 1989.


Obverse polished.


Confirmed on the medal roll and present on the Muster Rolls for the period.


James Hall was present at the Battle of Toulouse fought on the 10th April 1814.


According to the post Waterloo muster list he was noted as “Present 24th June, Chantilly 8th July”, which notes his participation at the Battle of Waterloo.


Additionally entitled to the Waterloo Medal for his services on 24th June 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo, where the 10th Royal Hussars formed part of the 6th Cavalry Brigade, riding alongside the 18th Hussars and 1st Hussars King’s German Legion, during which they charged at the French Cavalry and Infantry on the day.



The follow extract from the 10th Royal Hussars regimental history recalls the battle of Toulouse:


“The Battle of Toulouse was fought on the 10th of April, the TENTH ROYAL HUSSARS were in motion at the break of day, and formed, with the 4th division, on the road leading from St Torry to Toulouse.


They were afterwards ordered round to support the left, and protect the infantry and artillery under Marshal Beresford, which were moving along a dangerous route through a deep marshy country, crossed and entangles with water course, and near the enemy’s entrenches position.


The French Cavalry appeared in force, and menaced the infantry under Marshal Beresford, but on approach of the Hussars, they retired under their guns.

After a severe combat of many hours, the fortune of the day was in favour of the Allied Army, and the French withdrew within the suburbs.

The 10th Hussars was exposed to a severe cannonade upwards of 2 hours, and had Captain Gordon and 4 men killed, Capt Fitzclarence and 6 men wounded, also several horses killed and wounded.


Marshal Soult quitted Toulouse during the night of the 12th of April, and the 10th Royal Hussars followed the enemy in his retrograde movement; but the hostilities were soon afterwards terminated by the arrival of information of the abdication of Napoleon, and the restoration of the Bourbon Dynasty.


After this glorious termination of a war in which the 10th Royal Hussars had acquired a reputation for gallantry, the regiment went into quarters for a month, and having sent the dismount men and baggage to Bordeaux, it commenced its march through France for Boulogne.


The conduct of the regiment during these campaigns was afterwards rewarded with the Honour of bearing the word PENINSULA on its appointment as a mark of royal favour and approbation.”