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Punjab LSGC Pair 9th Lancers, 4 Wars fought

Punjab Medal, Goojerat, LSGC, Pte Thomas Hill, 9th Lancers, veteran of Punniar, Sobraon, Chilianwala and Goojerat, Indian Mutiny. With touching obituary of his local Military Funeral

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Punjab Medal, bar Goojerat, Army Long Service and Good Conduct, VR, 697 Pte Thomas Hill, 9th Lancers.


Derbyshire Times, 18th August 1888, reports his death and burial with military honours:




Yesterday, Friday, were interred at Bakewell Cemetery, the remains of Thomas Hill, of Bakewell, a well known and deservedly respected old soldier, who had seen a great amount of active service. He served through the Punjaub Campaign, the Crimea and the Indian Mutiny, and on retiring with a good discharge after 20 years service, was granted a pension, which he has lived to enjoy for a number of years.


Deceased having, shortly before his death, expressed a desire to be interred with Military Honours, Captain H. Brooke-Taylor had issued a request to the members of the Bakewell Company of Volunteers in the following terms:-
‘All volunteers are requested to attend and show their respect for a soldier who served his country well for over 20 years.’


Deceased being a Pilsey man by birth, the Chatsworth Section found the firing party, and the Drum and Fife Band of the 2nd Battalion also attended.”


Punjab officially impressed: “T. Hill, 9th Lancers.”
Army LS&GC Officially impressed: “697 Thos Hill. 9th Lancers.”


Medals understandably with signs of wear, Punjab suspension slightly slack with contact marking from Punniar Star and general knicks and contact wear over a very long cavalry career.
Army LSGC a lot better condition as awarded near end of service.


Private Thomas Hill, 9th Lancers, born circa 1819 in Pilsley, Chatsworth, Derbyshire.


Attested for service with the 9th Lancers of 11th September 1840, having worked as a Servant.


He would see 16 years 8 months service overseas in the “Bengal East Indies” out of a very long 24 1/2 year career all with the 9th Lancers.


He finally took his discharge at “His own request, free with pension after 24 years service.” on 18th March 1865.


In only a few years in India he saw significant war service, his service record recalls:


“His character and conduct have been very good.
He is in possession of 5 badges for Good Conduct and has received the Medal for Good Conduct and Long Service with Gratuity of £5;
Also a Bronze Star for the Battle of ‘Punniar’, Medal for the Battle of ‘Sobraon’ and also the medal for the Punjab Campaign with claps for ‘Chilianwala’ and ‘Goojerat’.”


In 24 years he had never been entered into the regimental defaulters book or been tried by court martial.


He took his discharge at Dublin on 18th March 1865, returning back home to Pilsley.


A further obituary in the Derbyshire Journal 24th August 1888:




On Friday the mortal remains of Thomas Hill, an Indian Veteran, were interred with full military honours in the cemetery.
The remains were conducted from the late residence of the deceased in Mill Street, by the members of the Bakewell Volunteer Corps, attended by their band, the Chatsworth Contingent forming the firing party.


At the cemetery the service was conducted by the Reverend E. Morris (Senior Curate), and the usual volley was fired over the grave.


The Deceased was in the 9th Lancers (Queen’s Royal) for over 24 years, 17 of which were spent in India.
He served through the Mahratta Campaign, the Sikh War Sutlej Campaign (1845-6), the Punjaub (2nd Sikh War) in 1848-9, and was present at the battles of Chillianwallah and Gujerat.
He was finally discharged about the year 1864, with a pension of 8s a week.
He was in India during the Mutiny, but did not take part in any action.


The deceased was a native of Pilsley, near Chatsworth.”


Full Entitlement of Medals would have been:


1.) Punniar Star 1843
2.) Sutlej Medal, reverse for Sobraon, no bar
3.) Punjab Medal, 2 bars, Chillianwala and Goojerat
4.) Indian Mutiny Medal, no bar.
5.) Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal